Skinny legend Wiz Khalifa is still packing on the muscle.

The rapper and singer/songwriter can really take a punch, as we can see in this video of him kickboxing during his workouts. Aside from his truly unusual build — Wiz is 6’4″ and about 170 lbs — he’s doing an exceptional job of making the most of what he’s got. Wiz has spoken in interviews in the past about his love of MMA, claiming that it’s helped him “gain 35 pounds” and added: “I like myself with more weight.”

Wiz might be famous, but his story isn’t different from any of ours. Anybody looking to improve themselves can hit the gym and make their fantasy a reality. All it takes is dedication, consistency, and the proper motivation. Even a multimillionaire with record deals can find the time in his life to center himself and do something that’s for his own benefit. Also, Wiz is a great example of how it’s never too late to better yourself! It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 55 — just get out there and do it!

Check out the video above put together by Bodybuilding Priest if you’re a fan of the rapper or impressive transformation stories. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Bodybuilding Priest’s official YouTube channel right here.



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