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Bodybuilding as a sport is unique compared to other athletic endeavors. The competitors train hard to ensure that he have top physique, that they possess a better physical frame than any of the other competitors on stage. That means countless long hours spent lifting for each specific body part as well as dieting correctly to ensure getting the best results. But no matter what any competitor does during the off season, when it comes down to game time, their fates will be decided by a panel of judges rather than the specific skills they used to get to the posing stage.

When it comes to mixed martial arts, that can be further from the truth. Sure, if a fight isn’t finished there are judges in place to ensure that a winner is crowned, but the factors are far different than in bodybuilding. MMA is a sport with it’s own particular challenges and a competitor needs to have just as much dedication to building their skills as a bodybuilder looking to perfect their physique. But no matter what, the two sports have one thing in common: if you don’t have the drive and persistence then you won’t get anywhere.


On another note, when you look at the average fighters physiques most bodybuilders would be less than impressed. After all, MMA isn’t about having bulging muscle, but having the skill to mix different fighting disciplines together in order to topple your opponent. But that doesn’t mean every fighter focuses on fighting skills alone and forget about their physique. Take UFC newcomer Sage Northcutt for example. Before entering into the biggest MMA promotion in the world, the Texan native was a physique competitor in his teen years.

Generation Iron Sage Northcutt

Northcutt is a lifelong martial artist, but despite that he tried to build a physique that would serve him well on the posing stage as well. But for anyone doubting the young fighters ability to put the hurt on his opponents then just take a glimpse at the highlight video below.

Northcutt is bringing a bodybuilding physique to the UFC, something that most competitors couldn’t boast. Only time will tell if more cross overs will continue between the two sports.

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