10 Of The Most Unusual Bodybuilders In The World

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No one can argue that the world of bodybuilding isn’t diverse.

It’s no surprise that bodybuilding is a niche sport. Though Arnold Schwarzenegger helped bring popularity to the sport through his iconic status on the Mr. Olympia stage, and Hollywood career, it doesn’t change the fact that bodybuilding is a far cry from the popularity of other major sports that get televised on major networks. And though it’s still growing every year – it’s still a relatively small industry when you think about it. Not many people are getting absolutely shredded with the most amount of muscle mass possible in order to step on stage and compete against other people doing the same thing.

That’s not a bad thing. For one, it allows for an ever increasing loyal following for bother athletes and fans. By being a niche sport, bodybuilding can maintain a level of respect and extreme passion that “bloated” or major sports such as baseball and football lack. It’s the same reason why many people prefer college sports over the pro league alternatives… the massive popularity and money behind, let’s say pro football, leads to a lack of passion for some athletes and a general sense of apathy among fans.

But there are also some down sides to be being a smaller sport. Lack of coverage can lead to lack of money which is ultimately discouraging for bodybuilders hoping to make a career out of their life’s passion. But another downside can be a lack of diversity. With so little people actually paying attention to bodybuilding… it can lead to repetition. An insular sport where the same kind of people keep showing up.

The Ten Most Unusual Bodybuilders in The World

Well luckily for bodybuilding fans – this sport has been able to completely avoid the pitfalls of it’s niche size and stay surprisingly diverse. There’s no further proof of this than this amazing video we’ve just found floating around on the internet. Titled, “10 Most Unusual Bodybuilders In The World,” the quick video showcases the most unique and diverse competitors to ever hit the stage.

While unusual might be too strong a word for some of these people on the list… it’s definitely an inspiring video – showing just how inspirational and motivating the bodybuilding movement is for people all around the world. Whether they were handicapped in an accident, hit an older age and “aren’t supposed to lift anymore,” or just a truly unique person… seriously, you just need to check this one out for yourself.

Get your mind blown with the most unusual bodybuilders in the video below:

Wrap Up

All in all, bodybuilding is a unique sport that certainly has some unique competitors. While the fitness industry is growing, you do not see many people stepping on stage in order to compete. So what do you think of the list of the ten most unusual bodybuilders in the world? Do you agree with it?

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