10 Ways To Become The Biggest Clown In The Gym

A Guide To Becoming The Gym Clown

We can understand you might not want to make a fool out of yourself willingly. You could use the info in the article to become a clown in your gym or avoid doing these things to be looked upon with respect and dignity. The final call is yours.

We put together this article after years of research on gym bros and we were successful in finding similar patterns. The striking thing about these similar characteristics is that they are usually acquired and passed on from one douchebag to the other.

Scream With Every Rep

If you want to be a muscle head, there is one formula that you always need to remember. The loudness of your screams is directly proportional to the results and the respect you get from people in the gym.

Look Like A Homeless Guy

The gym is the “Best Dressed Homeless Guy” competition in disguise. You should never throw away ripped or worn off clothes. Wear them to the gym instead until you get your money’s worth.

Strength Wars Movie

Try To Be A Casanova

The main reason you join a gym is to pick up girls. The girls working on their bodies are looking for a man in their life, and you need to make sure you are that man because there is no one better than you.

Become A Self-Appointed Coach

You need to take it upon yourself to ensure everyone in the gym is performing the exercises with the right form. Don’t hesitate or think twice before helping a dude by hugging him from behind while he’s squatting.

Stink Like A Pig

You need to believe that you smell like roses, and your sweat glands are incapable of producing the foul-smelling substance called sweat. If people around you smell something, there is something wrong with their noses.


Be An Experimentalist

This world lacks creativity and new ideas. You need to bless your followers with your exercise science genius by inventing new exercises or at least figuring out a new way of performing the old-school lifts.

Leave A Mark Everywhere

By leaving a mark, we mean sweat stains. Many people come to the gym every day just to have a piece of you. You need to give people what they want, even if it as small as your sweat.

Believe That You’re The Most Important Person In The Gym

You’re mistaken if you think that you’ll be interrupting other people’s set if you take over their equipment. Your gains and time are all that matters when you’re in the gym. Everyone should know and respect the fact.

Become The Supplement Guru

Many people have been lied to about supplements and this is the reason most of them don’t see the desired results. It’s your responsibility to educate every individual you find in the gym about every supplement. You should also act as a whey protein-taster while you’re at it.

Be The Ultimate Narcissist

Everyone around you needs to know of the awesomeness you have been hiding under your clothes. You need to inspire people with your shirtless bathroom selfies and make sure they follow you on Instagram.

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