Generation Iron Europa Phoenix 2014 Results

Who rose from the ashes of like a Phoenix?

The two day Phoenix spectacular has come to a close and so too did the IFBB Pro bodybuilding competition contained within it. There were a lot of competitors – so let’s not waste any more time. Here are the results for the 2014 Europa Phoenix competition.

Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

1. Mohamed Ali Bannout
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Brad Rowe
4. Ben White
5. Fred Smalls
6. Grigori Atoyan
7. Pablo Ayala Zayas
8. An Nguyen
9. Frank Roberson
10. Lloyd Dollar
11. Mike Johnson
12. Nikitas Manolakas
13. Alden Gamet

Pro Men’s 212

1. Jose Raymond
2. Mark Dugdale
3. Ahmad Ahmad
4. Tricky Jackson
5. Marvin Ward
6. John Sherman
7. Gamal Al Maadawy
8. Troy Tate
9. Leonardo Pacheco
10. Wendell Floyd
11. Peter Ciccone
12. Bola Ojex
13. Jose Bustamante
14. Marco Cardona
15. Breon Ansley
16. Lyndon Belgracve
16. Shavis Higa
16. Lorenzo Jones
16. Hennie Kotze
16. Daron Lytle
16. Luis Santa
16. Richie Langit

No, that’s not a typo – there were seven 212 competitors placed in 16th place. That’s just how many competitors were at this competition. We’d like to extend our congratulations Mohaed Ali Bannout and Jose Raymond for their first place wins in the pro bodybuilding and men’s 212 respectively. And as always, respect goes out to everyone who competed for a chance to get that top spot.

If you’d like to see the rest of the results, as well as the official score cards, you can head on over to NPC News Online. Make sure to share your congrats and thoughts in the comments below and also to follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages.



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