Generation Iron Miami Muscle Beach Pro ResultsPhoto courtesy of NPC News Online and NorthAmericanBodies.com.

A beautiful day to hit the muscle beach.

This weekend saw the 2o15 IFBB Miami Muscle Beach Pro competition pitting bikini and men’s physique competitors onto the stage for some pro props. Who ended up getting the top spots? We have the entire result list right here and the score cards too. Check it out:

Men’s Physique

  1. Matthew Acton
  2. Ryan Terry
  3. Pierre Vuala
  4. Qaadir Majeed
  5. Devon Lindner
  6. Denis Gusev
  7. Shannon Thomas
  8. Vincent Fiore
  9. Emmanuel Banks
  10. Travales Blount
  11. Tony Candales
  12. Shane Eslahi
  13. Butch Rolle
  14. Aj Shukoori
  15. Axel Alvarez
  16. Ani Saliasi
  17. Barry Thames
  18. Brian Epstein
  19. Chris Gurunlian
  20. Craig Franczyk
  21. Darnell Ferguson
  22. Isaac Miranda
  23. Jean Walkins-Louis
  24. Kenneth Jones
  25. Muhsin Nasir
  26. Ronald Boyden
  27. Tony Torres
  28. William Gregory



  1. India Paulino
  2. Angeles Burke
  3. Catherine Radulic
  4. Shandy Ortiz
  5. Noy Alexander
  6. Romina Basualdo
  7. Michelle Sylvia
  8. Cristina Ortiz
  9. Jazmeen Hernandez
  10. Tatiana Koshman
  11. Beth Transue
  12. Melissa Haywood
  13. Shawn Hektor-Lewis
  14. Jennifer Lockhart
  15. Jessica Pimentel
  16. Alexa Hotaling
  17. Alexandra Roane
  18. Dana French
  19. Joni Lyn Ortiz
  20. Stefanie Bambrough


That wraps it up for the IFBB Miami Muscle Beach Pro results. If you want to check out the official score cards and contest photos – head on over to NPC News Online. Stay pumped.

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