2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro Results


Bodybuilder’s Andre Ferguson, Cristobalina Pajares, and Tefani Sam Razhi were victorious during 2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro!

The 2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro took place Saturday, June 3rd 2023 with divisions in Men’s Physique, Wellness and Bikini hoping to earn a spot in the 2023 Olympia. Andre Fergusonwas victorious in the Men’s Physique division and will be back in the Olympia for the ninth consecutive year. Ferguson, who has logged multiple runner-up finishes, will look to remain near the top of the division this year.

Cristobalina Pajares finished third during the Budapest Pro and was able to come out on top this time around. Tefani Sam Razhi earned the top prize in Wellness and will also appear on the biggest stage in the sport.

The Olympia qualification system has changed this year. If an athlete did not finish in the top three in the previous year, or top five in Men’s Open, they will have to win a show to qualify. The points qualification system is no more. Also, former winners of an Olympia title have lifetime eligibility.

The full results from the show have been announced. Below, check out the full breakdown, along with an official scorecard. 

2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Physique: Andre Ferguson
  • Bikini: Cristobalina Pajares
  • Wellness: Tefani Sam Razhi

2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro Breakdown

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Andre Ferguson
  • Second Place – Vitor Chaves
  • Third Place – Daniel Ammons
  • Fourth Place – Ramses Rams
  • Fifth Place – Deke Walker
  • Sixth Place – Juan Manuel Gochez
  • Seventh Place – Maxime Parisi
  • Eighth Place – Brett Mario Jackson
  • Ninth Place – Victor Manuel Ramirez Chavez
  • Tenth Place – Renato Menezes


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  • First Place – Cristobalina Pajares
  • Second Place – Romina Basualdo
  • Third Place – Sierra Swann
  • Fourth Place – Marisa Woo
  • Fifth Place – Janine Herrera
  • Sixth Place – Alina Bogacheva
  • Seventh Place – Sandra Roxana Merlo
  • Eighth Place – Shey Webb
  • Ninth Place – Lauren Kralovec
  • Tenth Place – Laura Martinez Manrique


  • First Place – Tefani Sam Razhi
  • Second Place – Lili Dong
  • Third Place – Johanna Calcano
  • Fourth Place – Edna F. Souza
  • Fifth Place – Joanna Jean
  • Sixth Place – Simara Walter
  • Seventh Place – Tatiany Vaillant
  • Eighth Place – Vanina Alejandra Pikor
  • Ninth Place – Yami Patridge
  • Tenth Place – Anna Banks


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2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro Official Scorecards

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