2023 Pittsburgh Pro Results


Here are the full results from the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro!

The 2023 Pittsburgh Pro took place on Friday May 12th and Saturday, May 13th in Pittsburgh PA with results split across both days. The action was nonstop from the beginning at the Wyndham Grand PGH Hotel in Pittsburgh.

The Manion tradition continues to be an Olympia qualifier and host to the best guest posing show of the year. The lineup was jam packed once again. Olympia runner-up Derek Lunsford and Arnold Classic champion Samson Dauda are scheduled to appear, along with Nick Walker and Big Ramy. Each competitor will get a chance to show progress made right before summer. Also, for those in attendance, Chris Bumstead will be making a special appearance in Pittsburgh but is not expected to pose.

The results will be announced over the course of two days. Below, check out the full breakdown of the Pittsburgh Pro, along with official score cards for Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Wellness.

2023 Pittsburgh Pro: All Divison Winners

  • Classic Physique: Michael Daboul
  • Men’s Physique: Corey Morris
  • Women’s Physique: Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Bikini: Aimee Delgado
  • Figure: Cherish Richardson
  • Wellness: Gisele Machado

2023 Pittsburgh Pro Breakdown

Classic Physique

  • First Place – Michael Daboul
  • Second Place – Eric Wildberger Lisboa
  • Third Place – Alexander Westermeier
  • Fourth Place – Danill Famponte
  • Fifth Place – Camilo Diaz
  • Sixth Place – Tomas Adame-Hernandez


  • First Place – Cherish Richardson 
  • Second Place – Natalia Soltero
  • Third Place – Maria Luisa Baez Diaz Pereira
  • Fourth Place – Erika Morales Morgan
  • Fifth Place – Madison Dinges
  • Sixth Place – Manon Dutilly

Women’s Physique

  • First Place – Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Second Place – Emily Schubert
  • Third Place – Amandine Kolly
  • Fourth Place – Joseli Schoenherr
  • Fifth Place – Marie-Solange Essoh
  • Sixth Place – Diana Schanidt


  • First Place – Gisele Machado
  • Second Place – Kassandra Gillis
  • Third Place – Lili Dong
  • Fourth Place – Tefani-Sam Razhi
  • Fifth Place – Jennifer Zollars
  • Sixth Place – Emily Azzarello

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Corey Morris 
  • Second Place – Ryan Terry
  • Third Place – Benquil Marigny
  • Fourth Place – Sidy Pouye
  • Fifth Place – Ali Bilal


  • First Place – Aimee Delgado
  • Second Place – Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Third Place – Romina Basualdo
  • Fourth Place – Vania Auguste
  • Fifth Place – Lexus Redmond

2023 Pittsburgh Pro Official Scorecards

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