3 Great Protein Sources You Should Know More About

Not all protein is a created equal.

When it comes to nutrition protein is perhaps the absolute most important nutrient for building muscle. You can have all the carbs and fats you want, but without some protein in your life you’re really unlikely to make some serious gains. Carbs and fats certainly have their place, but in comparison to protein they’re more like an added spice, it accentuates the flavor, but not the most important part of the dish.

As far as gaining muscle is concerned protein is without a doubt an important tool. What’s even more important is the choosing the right kind of protein to fill up on. Not every protein source is created equal, each of them with benefits and drawbacks. Take these protein sources under consideration.


Generation Iron Nuts Protein

A food source high in protein, nuts, whether they be almonds or walnuts, are great to add to your diet. There are few drawbacks from eating nuts, but what should definitely be considered is the amount of calories that they contain. It can be a bit deceptive, but a moderate serving of nuts can contain as many calories as a protein bar and even some red meat protein alternatives. If one replaces nuts with certain food choices then it can definitely help with weight control as well as controlling your appetite.

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