3 Reasons Why You Should Perform Explosive Lifts


Lifting explosively can change your training for the better.

When it comes to bodybuilding there are so many different methods that can be used to build muscle and burn fat that often times it can become confusing as to what exactly you should be doing when you get into the gym. There’s a notion that lower weight and higher reps can get you shredded.

Others talk about the fact that the only way to make your muscle grow is to lift heavy, while many others point out the fact that it doesn’t matter how heavy the weight is as long as you’re getting the proper contraction. In a way all of these statements are true which can drive a bodybuilder nuts trying to figure out which method is right for them. But one ideology that isn’t discussed nearly enough is the idea of lifting explosively.

While many may equate explosive lifting to powerlifting and weightlifter principles it can be a great way for a bodybuilder to get shredded fast. Rather than just always having your muscles experiencing tension at the bottom of the lift it’s a good idea to lift explosively as well. Everyone’s body works different of course, but lifting explosively is going to enhance your training.

1. Build More Strength

When you’re at the bottom of your lift rather than hold the position, exploding up will give you enhanced explosive power. It will help your body get used to the feeling of putting every ounce of muscle to work and strengthening the whole as a result.

2. Increased Muscle Recruitment

Speaking of muscles working together, by performing an explosive lift you’re more likely to recruit even more muscle fibers while performing your average lift. Whether it’s the squat or the bench press, by lifting explosively you are engaging a wider variety of muscle than you normally would have during a slow lift.

3. Burn Fat

What better reason is there to lift explosively. Not only will you be building muscle while you’re performing your lifts but you will also be eradicating fat. The principle works similar to HIIT as your metabolic rate increases with every explosion from the bottom to the top of the lift. Taking two seconds to reach the bottom of your lift then exploding upward will raise your metabolic rate that’s sure to help burning fat even when you’ve completed your training.

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