Try This 45 Minute Full Body Training Routine During Lunch For Massive Gains

Slow and steady WILL NOT win the race.

Many of you guys out there have excuses. You don’t have enough time, you don’t have enough money, you don’t have, you don’t have. Well if you don’t have a job, get one. We all love camping, but after a while sleeping on the street can become a real problem. For those of you who do have jobs, we’re targeting your lunch time. That’s right, your sacred space for tinder, chipotle, and all other sort of escapist tendencies. With less than an hour of gym workout, you can make big gains in a short amount of time. Still hungry? Eat at your desk.

We understand time constraints are a problem, and a bodybuilders workout can take up most of the day. So we decided to comprise a Full Body workout, that will still give you the gains you want, without the time.



Horizontal Side Cable Row | SETS: 2 | REPS: 8-12


Leg Raise | SETS: 2 | REPS:To failure


Dumbbell Bench Press | SETS: 3–4 | REPS:8-12


Dumbbell Pullover | SETS: 3–4 | REPS:8-12

Cable Row | SETS: 3–4 | REPS:8-12


Barbell Curl | SETS: 3–4 | REPS:6-12


Dip | Sets 3-4| To failure


Front Squat | SETS: 3–4 | REPS: 6-12

Side Lunges | SETS: 3-4 |  REPS: 10-15

What’s great about this routine is that it mixes weights with calisthenics, giving your muscles strength as well as endurance. It’s also good in that it gives you a large rep range so you can choose your adventure.

To be honest this workout isn’t just for lunchtime. If you’re feeling tired or want to work your way up to a more serious, competition like workout, then this is a good place to start. It’s a tool, use it wisely.

Are you a fan of full body training?

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