5 Great Bodybuilding Books That Build Knowledge and Muscle!

These are some great resources to help improve your bodybuilding knowledge.

Building your ultimate physique is no easy task. While some individuals can afford personal trainers to take their gains to the next level, there are those who would rather opt for a more hands on approach to their muscle building.

Rather than relying on a trainer’s opinion on how to workout, many seek to explore their muscle building journey in a different way. Luckily for those inclined their are a great deal of bodybuilding resources that have been captured in written form.

Bodybuilding books can offer an even deeper look into the art and science of building muscle. Here are some of the best bodybuilding books out there to help you pack on the muscle and increase your knowledge of how to create the ultimate physique.

Starting Strength

For those looking to begin their journey into strength sports, Starting Strength is a book that will provide some solid basics to get you on the road to a better physique. Written by Mark Rippetoe, the book covers tried and true exercises like the bench press, barbell squat, and deadlift as well as how to approach each in a calculated and nuanced manner. Definitely a great book for beginners.

Pumping Iron: The Art and Sport of Bodybuilding

If you’re a true bodybuilding fan then you’ve already heard of the documentary Pumping Iron. The book that proceeded the release of the film was written by Charles Gaines‎ and photographer George Butler and detailed the rise of bodybuilding during the Golden Era of the 1970s. Featuring the Austrian Oak himself Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pumping Iron: The Art and Sport of Bodybuilding is a must-have for those who are fascinated with the heyday of the sport.

Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding: The Complete A-Z Book on Muscle Building

Another essential for your bodybuilding education is the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding: The Complete A-Z Book on Muscle Building. Written by Robert Kennedy, this tome offers an in-depth look into all things bodybuilding. From terminology to detailed information about contest prep, posing, tanning, and even how to buy posing trunks, this book is definitely an insight source of information that any avid bodybuilder will find helpful to their muscle building goals.

The Official Dorian Yates Training Journal

With so many other great books out there, you’d think that everything is covered. But The Official Dorian Yates Training Journal is a book that offers a truly unique experience. Dorian Yates kept rigorous and detailed journals throughout his entire bodybuilding career dating back as early as his first competition. For the first time ever, Dorian’s journals have now been published highlighting select passages between 1985-1990. Containing over 100 pages, this ebook collects the actual writings of Dorian Yates as he trained towards becoming a Mr. Olympia champion and legend.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

The book many refer to as the “Bible of Bodybuilding” this classic is written by the legend himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding is certainly a book that needs to be apart of your collection. Offering up a detailed look into how to build muscle, including how to attack each separate muscle group to maximize gains, this book is invaluable source of information. Packed to the brim with detailed knowledge from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself this book will take your muscle and brain gains to the next level.

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