5 Habits That Fit People Do Everyday

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“Hard work beats talent, unless talent works hard”

Have you ever hear of the above quote? It means no matter how talented you are, if you want to reach the next level, you’re going to have to work hard. No doubt about it. But working hard and working smart go hand in hand, and a smart way to make progress a no brainer is to develop good habits. That being said, what are some habits that fit people do every single day to keep themselves in shape? What different things can someone do in their life to make them successful in their fitness journey? You see people with awesome muscle mass and people that are totally shredded, and think “wow, great genetics“. While genetics certainly play a roll, there is a lot more that goes into those physiques, meaning their habits each day.

We all have habits, some good, some bad, some just plain…weird. The common theme with all of these is that they’re mostly subconscious, they’re our go to because they’re what we’ve always gone to, so it is basically like you are on autopilot to do some of these things. Why not stack the deck in your favor and put your fitness habits on cruise control?

We have broken down five habits that fit people do every day to make themselves successful when it comes to their fitness.

Five Habits That Fit People Do Every Day

To make it clear, this is not about a solid workout routine that fit people follow. These habits are lifestyle choices that will help you hit your goals if you instill them into yourself. So let’s dive in.

Protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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Protein is the building block of muscle mass, when you break your muscles down, you need adequate amounts of it to repair. It is said that you need 0.8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. However, your body can only handle on average 25-40 grams of protein in one sitting. That being said, you need protein spread across all meals of the day, even in snacks. 30 grams or more of protein at each meal is a great way to keep you satiated and burning fat until your next meal. You also can consume protein snacks throughout the day as well.

Drink Plenty of Water

Fit people drink tons of water each day, no doubt about it. Water is used for major body functions such as detoxification, digestion, recovery, and energy production. It is essential for you to get the nutrients delivered to your muscles, so they can repair and you can grow bigger and stronger. That being said, as a bodybuilder we need these process double fold. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body running right, or you risk not having getting nutrients delivered to your muscles and can hinder your recovery. Not to mention, on a high protein diet you absolutely need plenty of water to flush it and keep your kidneys healthy.

Getting adequate sleep

As we’ve said many times before, sleep is one of the pillars of bodybuilding, and a habit of successful fit people. Up there with lifting and nutrition, without adequate rest you’re body can’t recover. Sleep helps the body generate testosterone and growth hormone, which are both essential for muscle building, fat regulation, and other essential bodily functions. So good sleep is absolutely crucial.

To get a better night’s sleep try taking 2 caps of apple cider vinegar with some organic honey. Trust me, as a former insomniac myself, this stuff works wonders. Also, if you’re in the economy, purchase a “chilli pad”, many successful people swear by it.

Plan and prepare their meals

Yep, meal prep is definitely a thing that successful fit people do. People who are serious about their gains plan will take one or two days a week to prep their meals to a science. This is where many people who want to be fit will lose at, as they find themselves consuming foods inconsistent with their diets when they make last minute decisions. If you have your meals planned at the beginning of the week, it can help keep you on track with your goals, ensuring that you hitting your macros and are not out eating cheat meals and binging on less than optimal foods.

Do not cheat yourself, treat yourself with a delicious meal plan that fits your nutritional values.

Take supplements regularly


Supplements provide us with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we may not get enough of from our regular diet. Taking supplements regularly can really compliment our meal prep and workout plan. While many of us have no problem buying supplements we do have a problem taking them REGULARLY! Many people are forgetful and many others want to see results immediately, but consistency is key and you need to focus on taking your supplements every day. Here are some recommended supplements:

  • Protein Powder- To help hit your macronutrient intake and build
  • BCAAs– For intra-workout recovery
  • Creatine– To help with muscle recovery and growth
  • Multivitamin- To help get in all of those micronutrients and make sure your immune system is in tip top shape
  • Pre-Workout– For when you need the extra energy boost

Trust your game plan, make sure to set an alarm or carry a pill back to section off your supps correctly. It may take time to see the impact of what you’re taking so be patient.

*Bonus* – Make your bed

It’s something our service members have known for a long time. Making your bed sets you up for success during the day. This simple tasks instills the discipline every bodybuilder needs to keep goals they’ve set for themselves, and you can accomplish this one before breakfast, and it is a pretty simple task.

Habits of Fit People Wrap Up

There you have it, 5 habits that successful fit people do everyday. To be fair, every successful person should be doing at least some of these habits, but as a fitness enthusiast these recommendations should pay particular dividends, in your progress and all of that.

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