5 Landmine Exercises For A Shredded Body

The Best Landmine Exercises

Landmines are one of the most underrated exercises. You could perform the landmines as a compound or unilateral lift to fix your strength or muscles imbalances. There is a variation of the landmines you can perform to train every muscle group.

The landmine exercises force you to use your muscle stabilizers which can help strengthen your core. In a landmine exercise, you place one end of a barbell in a corner where it doesn’t move or use a T-bar machine.

5 Landmine Exercises For A Shredded Body

Landmine 180s

If you know about the landmine exercises, it’s probably because of the 180s. The 180s are arguably the most popular landmine exercise. 180s work your obliques and core and will set them on fire. Get in position by standing with a shoulder-width stance.

Extend your arms forward and grab the end of the barbell with both your hands. Your hands should be in front of your face at the starting position. Take a deep breath and rotate to the right side until the end of the barbell is at your waist level. Return to the starting position while breathing out and repeat on the left side.

Landmine Squats

If you’re someone who has back problems and can’t perform the orthodox squats with the barbell on your back, the landmines squats are a lifesaver for you. The landmine squats take off all the tension from your back and put them on your quads.

Stand with a shoulder-width stance and grab one end of the barbell with both your hands. Bend your arms at your elbows and place your hands in front of your chest. Inhale and perform a squat. Return to the starting position while breathing out. Repeat for recommended reps.

Single-Arm Bent Over Landmine Rows

Performing the bent-over rows on a landmine setup can turn the compound exercise into an isolation lift. You can perform the single-arm bent over landmine rows with your body parallel or perpendicular to the barbell.

Both the variations will give the barbell a different movement pattern and target your back uniquely. Make sure you’re not just going through the motions. Hold and contracts your muscles at the top of movement while performing each exercise.


Landmine Shoulder Press

Landmine presses are a killer shoulder exercise. You should make the exercise a part of your arsenal if you want to see some insane results. Most people make the mistake of using momentum by pushing through their legs while performing the landmine presses.

You need to keep a strict form to get the most out of this exercise. The jerking motions can reduce the tension on your shoulders and divert it to secondary muscles like your arms and legs.

Single-Leg Landmine Romanian Deadlifts

The single-leg landmine Romanian deadlifts might be one of the hardest compound exercises to perform. The main objective of the landmine RDLs is to put tension on your stationary leg while getting the maximum height with your back leg.

You don’t need to worry too much about touching the floor with the barbell. Stand perpendicular to the barbell (this will give you a similar feeling as the dumbbell RDLs) and place your feet right behind the end of the barbell. You should use your free arm to balance yourself without obsessing over which side your arm should point towards.

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