6 Habits Which Will Make You Fat

6 Habits Which Will Make You Fat

Avoid Doing These Six Things If You Want To Lose Body Fat

Contrary to what most people believe, they didn’t put on body fat because of their genetics or heavy bones. The accumulation of fat is a result of the habits they have been following for years.

While there are many lifestyle choices which lead to obesity, we are listing down the top six. The objective of this article is to point out a few habits which make people fat so they can avoid them.

Not Following A Schedule

Most people don’t follow an eating schedule. They eat when they want to eat, what they want to eat and however much they want to eat. It’s a blunder when it comes to staying healthy and in shape.

Following a diet accustoms your body to an eating pattern, and your metabolism stays in top shape. A good metabolism rate ensures that you are burning fat even when you’re sitting ideal. You should be eating 5-6 meals a day to keep your metabolism rate soaring.

Becoming A Couch Potato

With the increase in desk jobs, the time people spend sitting has gone through the roof. It’s no secret that sitting for a prolonged duration can result in obesity. Becoming a couch potato can also lead to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

If you have a desk job, you need to incorporate NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) in your schedule. NEAT encourages you to add walking, standing to your routine so that you are constantly burning calories.

Eating Too Close To Bedtime

While we can understand having dinner and hitting the sack right after it can be very convenient, it’s also one of the worst things you can do to your health. By eating too close to your bedtime, you don’t give your body enough time to burn off the extra calories.

If you can’t space your dinner and bedtime appropriately, you should add a cardio session between them to boost your metabolism. Letting the digestive process start before you go to sleep is essential in making sure you don’t build up fat reserves.

Not Drinking Enough Water

You should set a goal of drinking 8-12 glasses of water every day. Drinking water only when you’re thirsty can lead to an increase in fat deposits in the body. Headaches, acne, digestive problems are some of the problems which can be caused by a lack of drinking ample amount of water.

Staying hydrated will not only help you in fighting body fat but will also allow the body to flush out toxins, excess fat, promote skin health, and improve brain and memory function. If counting the number of glasses sounds hard, carry a one-gallon water bottle with you to work.


Stress is one of the most common reasons why many people put on weight and body fat. Studies have shown that an increase in stress can raise your cortisol levels which can lead to hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, and a bulging waistline.

A rise in cortisol levels can also result in the lowering of the male sex hormone – testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for building muscles mass and all the characteristics associated with puberty in men.

Skipping Breakfast

The first thing many people do when they want to lose weight is to stop eating their breakfast. The breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day as you’re coming off an 8-hour fast (sleeping time).

Depriving your body of the essential calories and macros which you get through the breakfast can result in fat storage in your body. You need to make sure you never hit the starvation phase as it can do more harm than good if you want to lose body fat.

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