7 Common (But Lethal) Fitness Mistakes You Need To Avoid

7 Common (But Lethal) Fitness Mistakes

Avoid These 7 Fatal Training Mistakes

Making mistakes is unavoidable while you’re learning something new, but if you don’t improve on these errors and keep doing them for an extended time, they can lead to fatal injuries.

In this article, we’ll be listing out the seven most common mistakes which people make in the gym. We hope you reflect on these errors and fix them if you’re committing any of them.

Not Warming Up

Most people make their first mistake as soon as they enter the gym and go right into the workouts. Not warming up your muscles before you start a workout can lead to muscle pulls, tears, and other injuries.

Before you get into a training session, make sure you’re stretching and warming up your muscles. Each warm-up session should last 10-15 minutes to prime your muscles for a workout.

Ego Lifting

Ego lifting is one of the most common phenomenons in gyms around the world. People try to lift heavier weights than they can handle. While you might get away with it a few times, your luck will surely run out sooner or later.

Iron is one of the best humblers. It’ll teach you your place if you don’t treat it with respect. Leave your ego at the door when you enter the gym or you might end up paying a big price for it.

Going “Raw”

The trend of lifting weights raw is seeing an uprise. Bros try to better each other by lifting heavier weights without using any gear like weightlifting belts, straps, sleeves or wraps. It’s understandable if you’re prepping for a raw lifting contest but if you’re doing it for the fun of it, a disaster is right around the corner.

Using gym gear can help eliminate unnecessary tension from your secondary and supporting muscles. Using support equipment doesn’t only help in avoiding injury, but also helps in better recruitment of the primary muscles groups.

Turning Dietitian

Fitness mistakes aren’t limited to the gym. Many people turn into pro dieticians and start designing diets for themselves. Some of these people end up shuffling their daily macro intake which does more harm than good. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a better idea to hire a coach to design your diet and training plans.

Putting Form On The Back Seat

Some people confuse bodybuilding with weightlifting and think that they need to lift the heaviest weights possible to build muscles. In bodybuilding, the form takes the front seat while weights are in the back. Your goal is to break the muscle tissue using the right form.

Rest Is For The Weak

The passion for building muscle can be overwhelming. You need to remember that no matter how hard you train or how good your diet is, you won’t see the results until your muscles recover and recuperate from your workouts.

Juicing Up

It’s no secret many pro bodybuilders are on steroids. Beginners are prone to falling into the roid-trap. Some young people are influenced by the gym bros to start a cycle. Juicing up isn’t right for most people, and we advise our readers to avoid getting into it.

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