Andre Ferguson’s plan to better distribute prize money

A CONVERSATION WITH ANDRE FERGUSON – is a five part sit down interview with Andre after his explosive win at the Arnold Classic 2018 and his controversial beef with Brandon Hendrickson that made waves on the internet. In an industry that often plays by the rules, it’s rare to see a competitor so outspoken with no filter. And Andre lets it all out in this sit down interview! New episodes air every Wednesday!

In part two of our five part conversation series, Andre Ferguson digs deep into the prize money distributed across the different divisions in bodybuilding. Specifically, he talks about the Men’s Physique divisions’ number of shows, huge popularity, but relatively low prize payout compared to other division.

Andre Ferguson’s number one focus is on being the greatest Men’s Physique competitor of all time – but as someone who studied in business and finance as well – he can’t help but let his brain run wild thinking of different ways to further support the smaller divisions. Ultimately, the big money comes from sponsorships and that’s likely the way it will stay. But Andre Ferguson is an athlete who speaks his mind and goes into great detail about the things that he is passionate about.

Watch the full Part 2 interview in detail above!


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