Andre Ferguson answers: do things get ugly when your direct competitor has the same coach as you?

A CONVERSATION WITH ANDRE FERGUSON – is a five part sit down interview with Andre after his explosive win at the Arnold Classic 2018 and his controversial beef with Brandon Hendrickson that made waves on the internet. In an industry that often plays by the rules, it’s rare to see a competitor so outspoken with no filter. And Andre lets it all out in this sit down interview! New episodes air every Wednesday!

In the final part of our five part conversation with Andre Ferguson – we get into the meat of how bodybuilding being such a small industry effects everything from fandom to the competitions. More specifically, Andre digs in deep about what happens when your direct competitor has the same coach as you… in the same bodybuilding competition. Do things get ugly?

According to Andre, it’s not a problem at all. This is mostly due to the fact that Andre’s has the last word on who his trainer works with on their team. After that, even if they face off against each other on the stage, it’s all okay because they have a mutual respect for each other.

Check out the full and final episode of A Conversation With Andre Ferguson above!

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