Andre Ferguson talks about the excuses athletes and fans make for losing… including GH guts.

A CONVERSATION WITH ANDRE FERGUSON – is a five part sit down interview with Andre after his explosive win at the Arnold Classic 2018 and his controversial beef with Brandon Hendrickson that made waves on the internet. In an industry that often plays by the rules, it’s rare to see a competitor so outspoken with no filter. And Andre lets it all out in this sit down interview! New episodes air every Wednesday!

Andre Ferguson doesn’t mince words when it comes to his opinions – that’s part of the reason he got into such a nasty beef with Brandon Hendrickson online before the Olympia 2018 (which he goes into more detail about again in this part). But Andre also can’t stand when people make excuses – both fans and athletes.

That’s why he hates when people cry “politics” and corruption in the judging of the IFBB pro shows. He thinks that is just athletes and fans are making up any excuse to not face the truth – that a certain bodybuilder lost because he was not the best. You can find pictures that try to prove otherwise but it’s not the same as being there in person right in front of the stage like the judges.

The same goes for the GH gut criticisms. While many have complained about the guts in bodybuilding, Andre doesn’t see it as a real problem. Especially when people talk about Phil Heath. He thinks that people focus too much on highlighting one bad photo and using it to gain clicks. In Andre’s eyes, it’s all a gimmick. Excuses about corruption, politics, GH guts, cheating – it’s all an excuse for people who don’t want to face the truth.

At one point in this video Andre says he doesn’t care if someone wins 5,000 times in a row so long as he deserves it. Maybe that’s what all of this comes down to. People are trying to find other reasons for things not going their way – but maybe someone like Phil did deserver seven in a row and no matter how tired people got of it… it doesn’t change the fact that he deserved every single one. Just because we don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not true. It doesn’t mean that the league is out to get us. It’s just facts. Or at least that’s what Andre believes – check it all out in Part 4 of A Conversation With Andre Ferguson above!


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