Get A Shredded Midriff With This Ab Workout

Abs workout

Get A Shredded Midriff With This Ab Workout

Washboard abs are hard to get. This is why only a few people have them. It takes patience, persistence, and an iron will to get a shredded core. You have to focus on your training and nutrition if you want to build a six-pack.

While it is true your diet plays a big role in building abs, you can’t overlook the importance of your ab workouts. A balanced diet can help you reduce your weight and body fat percentage and your ab workouts will help you get a shredded midriff.

1. Hanging Leg Raises – 3 Sets 20 Reps

Hanging leg raises are a great way to start your ab workout. It will help exhaust your abdominals at the beginning of your workout. This exercise helps target your lower abs which hold the stubborn body fat.

Most people make the mistake of swinging their bodies while performing this exercise. You need to keep your upper body at a fixed position and only move your legs. Bring up your legs so they’re parallel to the floor. Keep the movement slow and deliberate.

2. Cable Crunches – 3 Sets 20 Reps

Using cables in your ab workout helps you maintain a constant tension on your midriff throughout the exercise. Cable crunches work the upper and middle abdominal muscles and will leave you with an incredible pump by the end of this exercise.

Attach a cable extension to the pulley. Kneel down facing the pulley and hold the cables at the sides of your neck. Perform a crunch and try touching your knees with your elbows. Squeeze your midsection at the bottom of the movement.

3. Russian Twists – 3 Sets 20 Reps

Obliques are the most overlooked muscle group when it comes to ab training. Obliques give your abs the shredded and peeled look. If you find this exercise easy, use weights to add resistance. Russian twists also help with developing the V-cut in your lower abdominals.

Sit with your feet lifted about six inches off the ground. Hold a dumbbell or a weight plate in front of your chest. Turn to your right side, exhale and squeeze your oblique. Return to the starting position and repeat for the left side.

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4. Planks – 3 Sets 1 Minute Each

Planks have earned a name for themselves around the world for their effectiveness. They are incredibly effective at giving you a tight and firm core. Planks also help with building strength and conditioning your midriff. Increase the time as you get better at this exercise.

Many people make the mistake of letting their crotch hang low or forming a bridge by lifting their butt too high. This takes the tension off your core. Make the most of this exercise by holding your body in a straight line and keeping your core tight.

5. Decline Crunches – 3 Sets 30 Reps

Crunches are the staple exercise in most ab workouts. Crunches work the upper and middle abdominals, but performing the crunches on a decline bench will target your lower abs as well. If 30 reps are too easy, feel free to use weights.

Crunches aren’t just about going through the motions. Inhale while you’re at the bottom of the movement and exhale and squeeze your abs while you’re at the top of the movement. Keep your hands at the back of your head throughout the movement.

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