Ahead of the Olympia the Criminally Underrated Terrence Ruffin Shows Off Crazy Proportions

Terrence Ruffin has some impressive proportions.

Becoming an IFBB Pro is a long journey. For some that ends with them receiving their pro card, giving them a great feather in their cap if they choose to do personal training or pursue other avenues in the fitness industry. For others, receiving their IFBB Pro cards are simply the beginning of their journey towards ultimate greatness.

Along the way to the top, competitors will experience adversity, even be filled with doubt by others who believe they aren’t the cream of the crop. That said, if one wishes to make it to the top spot then such things as doubt can’t enter into their minds. Instead they have to be steadfast and push any doubts or negativity from their minds and simply prove themselves through their performance and actions.

When it comes to Terrence Ruffin, he’s taking that exact approach.

Ahead of the Classic Physique Olympia, it seems that not enough people are talking about Terrence Ruffin, a truly talented and gifted pro. With some impressive genetics as well as some hard earned muscle, Terrence Ruffin is the picture of a classic professional bodybuilder. While everyone may be focused on Breon Ansley and Chris Bumstead, Terrence Ruffin has the kind of eye catching proportions that could potentially steal their thunder. There’s no doubt that he’s the dark horse in the Classic Physique division.

If further proof was needed, his recent social media posts showcase just how impressive his physique is.

No jam or bullshit @mattporterapproved 😂

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Do you think Terrence Ruffin is underrated?

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