Alan Ritchson Put On 30 Pounds Of Muscle For ‘Reacher’: “All I Did Was Eat And Workout”

Alan Ritchson explains how he added 30 pounds of muscle for role.
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Alan Ritchson was extremely motivated to transform his physique and put on muscle mass for his role in ‘Reacher.’

Alan Ritchson has put on size for roles in the past, such as That from “Blue Mountain State but for his job in “Reacher,” the actor was able to take it to another level. The actor sported a crazy amount of muscle mass to play the special investigator in the hit series that has now been greenlit for a third season, and it has left people wondering how he did it. Alan Ritchson recently shared that he ate upwards of 4,500 caloires daily to help put on 30 pounds of muscle for the role in “Reacher.”

Ritchson has been featured in other roles that required a good amount of size, such as playing linebacker Thad Castle in Blue Mountain State. Here, Ritchson put together an impressive home gym and dedicated himself to maintaining a strict diet plan that focused on adding muscle and shredding his physique.

“I did an attack on all fronts to get ready for this one. I do what I can to stay healthy and in shape all the time since a lot of my projects are in that superhero genre.”

Ritchson also sat down with Men’s Journal for a discussion about his role and the preparation for it.


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Alan Ritchson Talks Diet & Exercise Plan

Alan Ritchson began by explaining he added 30 pounds to muscle bulk for this role to get up to 235 pounds.

“For this, I wanted to bulk up. I ended up putting on 30 pounds to end up at 235 pounds. I was grinding it out five days a week for the eight months that we had to prep.”

Ritchson continued to discuss how he went above and beyond with weight training and that is something he does not usually do because he “gets big so quick”, if only we had that same problem! Outside of the gym, it was all about making sure his diet plan was strict.

“The real requirement is you need to get the calories, proteins, and macros, so it was a conveyer belt of food. It’s a full-time job to get 4,500 carloeis and 300 grams of protein in your body. I was lucky that I had help with that.”


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Alan Ritchson had to get creative during Covid, as gyms were shut down and weightlifting equipment was not easy to come by. That being said, Ritchson ended up moving furniture around in his house in order to build a gym.

“The rules were very strict in Canada so there was no chance of getting out to train anywhere else. I moved the dining table out of the place that we were renting and we built a full-sized gym in that space.

There was no avoiding training in the morning because it was staring right at me when I woke up. No commit. No excuses.”

Does Alan Ritchson Use PEDs?

Many fans speculate that Alan Ritchson uses performance enhancing drugs to bulk up, and he has opened up about his usage of testosterone replacement therapy, as he was diagnosed with low testosterone. However, this does not take away from the hard work that he puts in with his diet and training regimens.

Wrap Up

Alan Ritchson is one of many actors who has been able to transform his physique for a role and he has done it well. The first two seasons of “Reacher” were a massive success, and many fans are anticipating the third season.

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