Alkaline Water For Men: What It Is, Benefits & More

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Should you be drinking alkaline water?

Hydration is incredibly important for those of us athletes, but when it comes to alkaline water, the benefits go far beyond just simply hydrating. We as bodybuilders and athletes know just how important it is to be hydrated, especially as we look to optimize not just our performance but our overall health. As we continue to push and push our bodies to the limit, taking advantage of what is out there can be a game changer to seeing gains.

Water is just water, right? To an extent, but there are certain advantages to drinking alkaline water or other types of water that go beyond just the tap. Added vitamins and minerals, and of course where it is sourced from, all come into play when we talk about drinking certain types of water as athletes. What you will find with alkaline water are different benefits that you might not get with other forms.


So, why does alkaline water matter for men? Should we as athletes put a focus on alkaline water for our workouts? Fair questions and one’s we hope to answer for you. We know how important you take your health and want to dive into alkaline water. What it is, the benefits of it, and why athletes should drink it are the focus for us here. Plus, we’ll share a great alkaline water product to get you started with only the best.

energy drinksWhat Is Alkaline Water?

Water from the tap or that we consider to be normal drinking water has a pH level of around 7. That is right in the middle of the pH scale which ranks the level of acidity. This scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 1 being very acidic and 12-13 moving to the more alkaline level.

Alkaline water most likely has a pH level of around 8-9, putting this a touch farther towards the more alkaline level than normal drinking water. The thought with a higher pH level is that it will help neutralize acid in your body (1).

But, like most things, this isn’t the only thing that makes alkaline water what it is. Certain minerals and the way it’s sourced and produced all play into what makes these alkaline water products beneficial for you and your overall heath.

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What Are The Benefits Of It?

With alkaline water working to help neutralize acid in your body, the other benefits are important to know. If you are still wondering if alkaline water is really worth it, let’s take a look at some of these benefits and you can decide.


Benefits of alkaline water include:

  • Better hydration: Stay hydrated overall and allow this water to work to improve bodily functions for sport specific needs and daily life (2).
  • Good detox: Getting rid of toxins that cause fatigue, bloating, and inflammation, among others things, will ensure optimal performance and better overall health.
  • Source of antioxidants: Stay free from harmful free radicals that can hurt your gains.
  • Improve metabolism and digestion: Work to improve gut health and give your body that metabolic boost to keep your metabolism working as best it can (3).
  • Potential weight loss: Drinking water does help you feel more full throughout the day to curb your appetite and snack less, leading to potential weight loss (4).
  • Potential longevity: Studies have shown that alkaline water may promote longevity and a better quality of life (5).

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Why Athletic Men Should Drink Alkaline Water

Men who work out are constantly putting their bodies to the test. The range of athletes does differ, for there are those competitively working towards a goal and really grinding in the gym to see results. On the other hand, athletic men can also include those who engage in leisure activities like hiking and kayaking, among other things, where the level of exertion may not be as high as the competitive athletes, but the body is still being used to a certain capacity.

The above benefits for alkaline water can help athletic men looking to remove toxins and lower the level of acid in their body that can cause negative effects like bloating and inflammation, things that can ultimately hurt those goals you are trying to accomplish. Active and athletic men looking to improve their performance and overall health should look to alkaline water for support as you give yourself a great boost towards seeing real results.

While it is of course a preference, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt for athletic men to drink alkaline water. Drink a bottle around your workout or when you feel like a refreshing beverage can at least offer your body the chance to see the results you want. With the right alkaline water product, you will find it can work for you while keeping you healthy overall.

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Best Alkaline Water For Men

We wanted to offer a great alkaline water product to help improve your health and performance so you don’t have to search and search for the best product out there.

Northern Chill

Northern Chill is a great alkaline water packed with minerals and electrolytes with a natural pH level of 7.8.

Northern Chill is bottled in Wisconsin from an aquifer created by glaciers. Naturally produced with a 7.8 pH alkaline, this water is also filled with valuable minerals and electrolytes and offers a creamy taste. Northern Chill takes pride in the fact that this bottle remains unaltered, uninfused, and unchanged from nature to bottle giving you the best option for cleanliness while making this the best alkaline water for men.

Check out our list of the Best Alkaline Water for more great hydration and alkaline water products!

Wrap Up

Alkaline water has the ability to enhance your goals by prioritizing health and performance. What you will find is a great product that can provide benefits while also working to improve your lifestyle and give you something to change up your routine. While this doesn’t have to be your drink of choice all the time, putting this into your routine and having a case of alkaline water on standby can go a long way.

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