Alternate Hammer Curl – Exercise Guide

Alternate Hammer Curl (Biceps) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Biceps

Equipment needed: Dumbbells


1. Stand with your torso upright and a dumbbell in each hand.

2. Pin your elbows to your sides so they don’t move while performing the alternate hammer curls.

3. Your palms should be facing your torso and should be at arm’s length at the starting position.

4. Breathe out and slowly curl the right dumbbell up using your forearm without moving your upper arms.

5. Elevate the dumbbell until it is at the shoulder level.

6. Pause and contract your bicep at the top of the movement.

7. Return to the starting position while breathing in and perform the curl with your left arm.

8. Alternate curling the dumbbells for the recommended reps.

Variations/How To

Recruit Forearms

While the alternate dumbbell curls are primarily a bicep exercise, you can put more focus on your forearms by holding the dumbbells with a monkey grip. Having all the fingers on one side of the dumbbell makes it harder to hold and thus recruits your forearm muscles.

Alternate Exercises for Alternate Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl

Incline Hammer Curl

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