Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, discusses the concept of ‘ejection for an erection’ and the complexity of erectile dysfunction for bodybuilders.

One of the most common steroid stereotypes is that, over time, erections become harder to obtain without continued steroid usage. Combine this with the popular stereotype that all bodybuilders are “roid rage” steroid users – and you have a mainstream audience that believes bodybuilders have a higher chance of sex issues. While this assumption is likely blown out of proportion – it’s true that long term steroid users can have issues due to lack of testosterone. One that The Anabolic doc has discussed with us previously. Enter the concept of ‘injection for an erection.’

The phrase ‘injection for an erection’ is a causal insider way of explaining certain prescribed drugs that can be injected into the body for an instant erection. This is different from traditional drugs like Viagra, Cialis, or even OTC Viagra. Quite literally, it provides an almost instant erection regardless of whether or not you are even remotely turned on. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, The Anabolic Doc explains in detail how ‘injection for an erection’ works. He also details how erectile dysfunction is often much more complicated than people realize.

The biggest misconception, The Anabolic Doc explains, is that ‘injection for an erection’ is often used by bodybuilders and steroid users after they come off drugs. This isn’t the case. In fact, its very often not the case for bodybuilders post-steroids. These sorts of injections are usually prescribed and are a last case option for those who struggle with erectile dysfunction. After other more common drugs like Cialis, Viagra and also therapy have not been able to provide relief.

The Anabolic Doc explains that people often focus on blood flow when it comes to erections during sex. This is where drugs like Viagra come into play. Some individuals may have a disorder that makes it harder for blood flow to properly pump to the penis when aroused. So drugs like Viagra often help with this fact. This can also help for those who may have slight mental blocks when it comes to sex. For example, those who have anxiety before having sex or perhaps put too much pressure on the act – causing erectile dysfunction.

But there is another component to erections and arousal that is less discussed. This is the direct brain signals going to the penis – telling you to be aroused. As we mentioned a moment ago, some may mentally block themselves from arousal due to anxiety or stress. But if you take it a step further towards clinical depression, or perhaps brain damage, or even nerve damage in the body – this can have big effects on arousal and erections as well.

The Anabolic Doc explains that this is were ‘injection for an erection’ comes into play. This is ultimately not ideal, but is the last resort for those who found no relief via other methods. Some of these injections are even inserted directly into the penis. These drugs, quite literally, provide an instant erection.

So the main point that The Anabolic Doc wants to stress here is that ‘injection for an erection’ is not a widely used tactic by long term steroid users. It’s a misconception to assume that this is purely a bodybuilder technique. It’s phrase and the shocking nature of the drug seem to turn heads – and help the concept go more viral online in certain circles. However, it is a very real and often troubling path that some individuals have to take. Those who are suffering after years of struggling.

You can watch Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, explain ‘injection for an erection’ in complete detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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