The Anabolic Doc: The Truth About Sex Problems Post-Steroids

The Anabolic Doc doesn’t mince words when it comes to sexual problems after coming off steroids.

Dr. Thomas O’Connor, also known as the Anabolic Doc, has dedicated his life to working with strength athletes and bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids. He’s been very clear about the dangers these drugs hold but has also provided an empathetic viewpoint as to why athletes turn to PEDs in the first place. Beyond serious health concerns of long term steroids use – the Anabolic Doc went into detail about the realities behind sexual performance and steroids. What is true? What is a myth? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, the Anabolic Doc gets real about what happens to your sex life after coming off steroids.

Beyond roid rage, the second most overplayed stereotype about steroids is enhanced sexual performance. It makes sense – blast your body with testosterone and give your private parts a boost. But just how true are these claims and how much is fiction? We turned to Dr. Thomas O’Connor – aka the Anabolic Doc – for answers.

First things first, the Anabolic Doc makes it clear that increased sexual performance is 100% a side effect from using steroids. In many ways, this is an additional appeal to using these drugs. Beyond the improved athletic performance and muscle building – private life between the sheets sees a dramatic boost in “energy.” That being said, there is also a downside – it just might not rear its ugly head until many years down the line.

As with many things in long term steroid use – over time health complications begin to arise. This is even more true when coming off steroid use permanently after decades of cycles. It’s well documented that long term steroid use will lead to a permanent decrease in testosterone within your body. This can affect many things. It can make you feel depressed. It can make you feel weak and lethargic. It can also diminish your sex drive and performance.

But for those who think it’s not that big of a deal – the Anabolic Doc has some grave news for you. Without treatment such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy, it’s almost guaranteed that your future sex performance will dry up after coming off steroids. The Anabolic Doc has often talked about the “suffering” of steroid users during older age. This isn’t just medical pain and suffering – it’s also psychological.

The Anabolic Doc receives many patience who are mentally suffering due to a diminished sex life and worsening sex performance. We’re not talking about 80 year olds here. We’re talking 50 year old men who should still be able to function well enough. But due to low levels of testosterone production from steroid use – their “ability” falls apart.


Even worse, this can happen at a much younger age as well. If a person goes through multiple cycles of steroids – when they are off cycle, their sexual performance will be diminished as well. The Anabolic Doc specifically states many men in their 20’s who can’t date women whenever they are off cycle. When they come back on steroids – everything works fantastic. But at such a young age – without the continued use of these drugs – they become lame ducks.

“You’re going to come off this shit and you’re going to crash like a lead balloon,” Dr. O’Connor states in our interview. He then goes on, “And you’re going to be with a girl and if you’re 20 or 23 or 27 and you can’t date… that’s the new thing now… the new lexicon. It’s ‘can’t date.'”

You can watch the Anabolic Doc’s full comments on steroid use and sexual performance in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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