The Anllela Sagra Diet For The Perfect Physique

The Secret Of The Anllela Sagra Diet

If you don’t know who Anlella Sagra is, you’re already missing out. Anllela is a 23-year old Colombian fitness celebrity. Her rise to fame is her Instagram page where she posts regularly and engages with her fans.

There is no doubt about the fact Anllela has the physique of a Greek goddess. She arguably has the best abs we have ever seen on a girl. While training plays an important role in developing her perfectly carved physique, you can’t overlook the significance of her diet.

No matter how hard you workout, you won’t see the results until your diet is on point. Pros like Sagra are known to be disciplined and follow a strict diet. Washboard abs like hers are made in the kitchen and not in the gym.


1. Eat Frequently

If you want to build muscle and lose weight, you should eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Anllela eats four times a day and spreads out her meals evenly. Many people have the misconception that skipping meals will help them lose weight.

Skipping meals can have the opposite effect. You might force your body into storing fat by missing meals. Eating frequently can increase your metabolism rate which can help you in burning fat even while you’re not physically active.

2. Take Protein With Every Meal

It is no secret protein is the most important macronutrient when it comes to building muscle mass. As a rule of thumb, if you want to gain muscle, you should be taking one gram of protein per pound of body weight daily.

It is important you span out your protein intake throughout the day. Don’t try to gulp down all the protein in one or two sittings. Eating protein containing meals will help your body repair and recover from your workouts. Every meal Anllela eats contains protein in the form of egg whites or chicken and veggies.


3. Cycle Your Carbs

Some people cut out all the carbs from their diet in order to lose body fat. There is a smarter way of doing this. You can cycle your carbs throughout the week. This way your body can better respond to your diet.

Anllela eats zero carbs on the first day of the week. Doing this will create a carbohydrate deficit in your body and it will have to use stored fat as a source of fuel. This sounds good but this approach is not feasible in the long run.

The second day of the week is a low carb day for Sagra. You can go all out on the third day of the week and meet your normal carb needs as per your body weight. Repeat these three days over and over every week and you will see incredible results.

4. Cheat Meals

Cheat meals are an important aspect of losing weight and body fat. They make your body work harder to burn all the extra calories, fats, and carbs you intake in a single meal. This ramps up your metabolism system and helps you lose weight.

Anlella Sagra eats a cheat meal four times in a month which usually consists of a burger, fries, cheesecake, and peanuts. This is enough for her to satisfy all her cravings. Sagra loves sweets and eats protein bars whenever she has a craving for them.

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