Angelica Teixeira Looks Absolutely Shredded Ahead Of Arnold 2020

Bikini Olympia champion Angelica Teixeira shared an update with fans on her fitness progress this morning and it was nothing short of amazing.

Just two weeks out from the Arnold Sports Festival 2020, Angelica Teixeira is looking incredible and showing off some of the best conditioning of her career. You can check out the post she shared with fans in full below.

But that’s not the only update Angelica Teixeira has given us on her road to the Arnold. Check out some of the other physique updates she’s shared below.

The Bikini division is sometimes overlooked by fans who are obsessed with the more classic aesthetics of Men’s Physique or the general competition, but the fact is it takes just as much hard work and self-discipline to be a bodybuilder in the Bikini division. Competitors are expected to deliver the same level of conditioning and muscle definition while still retaining a feminine physique; it’s a complicated thing to accomplish, and something that Angelica Teixeira does flawlessly.

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In two weeks, she will compete against 15 other women at the Arnold Classic 2020 in Columbus, Ohio in the Bikini International division. Although Angelica Teixeira won the title in 2017 and 2018, she was dethroned last year by rival Janet Layug. You can check out Janet Layug’s 2019 win below and decide for yourself if her physique truly rivals Angelica’s.

Janet Layug will also be competing this year, so it’s interesting to think about how a match up between these two will shake out onstage. Both are clearly in their competitive prime and bring a lot to the table. It’s safe to say that, in the event neither one of them places first, these two are looking at a top 5 finish. But, anything can happen, so you might just want to tune in the day of.

Angelica Teixeira has been competing for longer than Janet Layug, so she has that experience on her, but outside of that, it’s looking like their physiques are pretty comparable. This is going to be a really close race and definitely an exciting weekend to watch this March.

The Arnold is as crowded this year as it ever has been; 22,000 athletes will be competing in over 80 divisions over the course of the weekend. All eyes are usually on the bodybuilding and powerlifting divisions, but there is a truly massive amount of athletic skill on display over the course of the weekend. Olympic sports like fencing, judo, and futsal are just a few of the other sports that fans will be flooding the arena to see on March 5th. It also serves as an important litmus test for aspiring Olympia champions since athletes who show a strong performance here typically go on to greater things. Angelica Teixeira is a tried and true champion, definitely someone to watch in the upcoming season, and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the stage in a few weeks.

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