Antoine Vaillant is Looking Massive After Recovering From Bicep Surgery

There’s no doubt that Antoine Vaillant is one of the most talented bodybuilders in the world.

While he hasn’t shook up the world with an Olympia performance as of yet, the French-Canadian appeared well on his way to impressing the masses with his incredible size, proportions, and definition.

That all changed with his horrible bicep tear.

Everyone knows just how detrimental a bicep tear can be for a bodybuilder. Calum von Moger suffered a similar injury that took a considerable amount of time to recover from. When Antoine Vaillant first reported on the bicep injury ahead of the Toronto Pro, fans and experts in the know understood what it meant. Frankly, it meant that Antoine Vaillant would be on the shelf for some time.

Now, it looks like Antoine Vaillant is back to normal, massive self. After dropping pounds of muscle due to the inability to perform his normal training, Vaillant appears to have bounced back with a vengeance.

In his most recent Instagram posts Antoine Vaillant is looking more and more massive hoping to regain the muscle he lost before the bicep injury occurred. From the looks of things, he’s well on his way to returning to his over 300 pound form!

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Header image courtesy of Instagram



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