Arnold Classic 2020 Classic Physique Results

The Arnold Classic Physique champion is…

The Classic Physique division has risen in popularity at incredible speed and has become one of the more exciting Friday night events at the Arnold Classic 2020. Even after a few years of the Classic Physique division behind us – with the division is still new enough that it’s anyone’s game as to who will be the winner. There are no long running reigning champions to sweep up shop.

And it was certainly a tight race towards the finish. In the prejudging round earlier on Friday morning, we had a three way battle for first place in the form of Terrence Ruffin, Steve Laureus, and Alex Cambronero. But high hopes seemed to be quickly dashed for Laureus after he was pulled from the middle of the top 3 callout by the judges. Replaced by Cambronero, we had our first glimpse at the judges pick for first place.

But things got more interesting upon a follow up callout only showcasing Cambronero and Ruffin. A seeming top 2 callout for one last comparison – signaling a neck and neck match for these two hungry competitors.

So do we have a new face for the ultimate classic physique? Check out the results below brought to you by New Millen and Generation Iron Plus.

Alex Cambronero ultimately landed first place for the Arnold Classic 2020!

Arnold Classic 2020 Classic Physique Results

1. Alex Cambronero
2. Terrence Ruffin
3. Steve Laureus
4. Abner Logan
5. Rickey Moten
6. Santiago Aragon

Arnold Classic 2020 Classic Physique Results Generation Iron

Official scorecard below:

Arnold Classic 2020 Classic Physique ScorecardClassic Physique Previous Winners

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