Arnold Classic 2020: 3 Weeks Out Larry Wheels Shows Explosive Strength!

Larry Wheels showing some massive strength!

The Arnold Sports Festival will feature much more than bodybuilding. Included at the event will be strongman as well as powerlifiting competitions. With so many different events at the Arnold Sports Festival, you can be sure to see a variety of different athletes showcasing their impressive skills in their chosen discipline.

Hoping to impress at the Arnold Classic, Larry Wheels is putting in some pretty serious training. There’s only one way to prepare for one of the most competitive powerlifting meets of the year and that’s by breaking through your limits. Larry Wheels is ready to do just that.

Three weeks out from the Arnold Classic, Larry Wheels is showing some pretty impressive strength ahead of the big show.


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903lbs/410kg Beltless with bands 3 weeks out. @teampersonalrecord @andrewjacked

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937lb/425kg squat with bands 3 weeks out. @teampersonalrecord @andrewjacked @sharif_2is @strengthnet @whgym @markboyd_es

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From the looks of things, Larry Wheels is pushing his limits and looking to show that he is one of the most dominant forces in powerlifting today.

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