Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Mr. Olympia Advice To Brandon Curry At The Arnold Classic 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares lessons from his seven years as a Mr. Olympia champion with Brandon Curry.

The Arnold Classic 2020 competition may have come to a close – but there’s one other exciting moment that comes in the form of the Arnold Sunday Showcase. The showcase is a press conference of sorts where various top pro bodybuilder names sit down and have conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. At this year’s Sunday Showcase, current Mr. Olympia champion Brandon Curry was in attendance. Arnold Schwarzenegger took the opportunity to share some pearls of wisdom with Brandon – from an experienced 7x Mr. Olympia to a newly crowned Olympia champ.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice ultimately comes down to a quick joke about the struggles of trying to fit into a photograph with such a massive frame. But more important than that, Schwarzenegger took some extra time to praise Brandon Curry’s talents.

Brandon Curry has recently been under fire from other Mr. Olympia champions, specifically Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates. Both Olympia legends stated that Brandon Curry’s physique couldn’t stand up to previous generations – sparking a debate among the bodybuilding community about the quality of the current crop of pro bodybuilders.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s compliments of Brandon Curry was a refreshing change of pace. Being a 7x Mr. Olympia champion himself, Schwarzenegger’s praise of the current Olympia champion seemed in a sense to restore order back to his title and move away from the criticism he had been receiving.

The Mr. Olympia competition is the biggest bodybuilding event of the year and is considered a proving ground for his the greatest bodybuilder in any given year. But the Olympia 2019 was faced with various setbacks. Multiple competitors were unable to compete for various reasons – leaving some of the best competitors such as Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden (the 2018 Olympia champion), and Big Ramy out of the picture.

Regardless of where your opinion lies, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statements to Brandon Curry will go a long way in cementing Curry’s status as one of the greatest bodybuilders currently competing. And when the Olympia 2020 comes this September, Brandon Curry himself will be able to prove his worth by defending his title. Will he be part of the small list of one-timer Olympia champions? Or remind the world why he’s been crowned in the first place?

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