Caffeine vs. Water: Arnold Schwarzenegger Prioritizes Water For Best Performance In The Gym

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Caffeine might help provide energy but Arnold Schwarzenegger says there is nothing better than hydrating.

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most influential voices in bodybuilding today. Decades after his career ended, the seven-time Mr. Olympiachampion and Arnold Classic founder continues to share knowledge with the next generation. This could be about fitness or overall health, and in this case, nutritional supplements. In this post, we will detail Schwarzenegger’s tips for best performance in the gym.

Schwarzenegger started Arnold’s Pump Club, which is a daily newsletter where he can share opinions and different research with viewers. He has touched on workout routines, diet plans, supplements, and even mental health.

During a recent edition, Schwarzenegger highlighted the importance of hydration during a workout.

“Caffeine is likely your best supplement to increase energy before a workout but to stay strong throughout your workout, your best bet might be to make sure you drink enough during your workout.”

Schwarzenegger continued to provide research from the National Library of Medicine in terms of hydration and replenishing electrolytes when sweating.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Prioritizes Hydration

There are different times when an athlete will have to focus on providing their bodies with different supplements. Arnold began by discussing how hydration can be the key to fighting fatigue and increasing power.

“Prioritizing hydration can help fight fatigue, increase power and endurance, and potentially improve recovery.

When you’re not exercising, good old water is likely enough to provide your body with all your hydration needs. However, working out changes the equation because of how your body loses sodium through sweat.”

When you sweat during a workout, you can become fatigued due to the lack of salt in your body. Schwarzenegger cited research that showed runners finished a race “26 minutes faster when they supplemented their water with salt.”

The recommendation was to use electrolytes during workouts that last longer than 60-90 minutes.

“Researchers examined training performance and found that you want to drink 8 to 10 ounces of liquid for every 30 minutes of training. The more you sweat or train (especially if you exercise for more than 60 minutes), the more you need salt and additional electrolytes.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been sharing different tips for gym goers to improve performance in the gym. This time, it was able replenishing the body in order to have the best turnout.

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