Generation Iron Ben Pakulski Cardio Workout

Who needs weights when you have a car.

Ben Pakulski’s M140 workout videos has always been a fantastic way for bodybuilders to get insight into one of the more scientifically regimented pro bodybuilders and aspects behind his workouts and weightlifting. We just came across this video that focuses on ways to get a great cardio workout (Yes, this might be your least favorite part of bodybuilding – but it’s still important in many ways). Sure, jumping on a machine in the gym and getting that heart rate up is good and fun – but why not mix it up a bit? You can get out of the gym and run outside – but that’s still pretty ho-hum. Everyone does cardio outside.

So why don’t you just do what B-Pak does, push cars uphill through a parking lot.

This a really effective way to get your cardio up while also getting some muscle gains. The concept seems simple, you just need two people and a car. One person sits in the car with the breaks off while the other pushes the car through the lot. This provides a lot of resistance training while also getting that heart rate good and pumping. Another plus – you look like a total bad ass doing it. Don’t take our word for it, you can check out Ben’s video below:


Just imagine shoppers walking to their cars, only to see you powering through the lanes pushing a car. How can they not be impressed? Our suggestion would be to get the biggest and most bad ass car you can push. But why stop at a car? We’d love to see someone pushing an 18-wheeler down the road. Let’s start thinking outside the box people!

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