Benefits of Medicine Ball Training For Home Workouts

medicine balls

Medicine ball training is a fun and versatile form of training to really enhance growth and provide fun and engaging ways to workout.

When looking to change up our training, it can be really easy to get caught up in the same old workouts because we are comfortable. But changing our exercises is important for growth and can add muscle confusion so our muscles are forced to adapt to a new movement. While there are many machines in the gym that can aid in a big lift, using simple and convenient exercise tools, like a dumbbell or kettlebell, can really enhance gains and can be done from anywhere. But medicine balls are often times overlooked tools to promote strength and cardio and are a perfect addition to add to your home gym.

Medicine ball training is a great form of training consisting of many variations from higher intensity to more strength-based, and everything in between. With many weights to choose from and many designs to try, you will never grow bored of medicine ball training and the great benefits it provides.

As great supporting aids to bodyweight workouts, medicine balls allow you to add weight to those otherwise lighter workouts to develop more functional strength and kill the monotony of a boring workout. One of the biggest pros of medicine ball training is that it contains the three elements to successful full body fitness being strength, balance, and endurance. All of these can be used for a number of sports to enhance your chance at greatly succeeding.

Let’s take a look into medicine balls, what the benefits are, and some top exercises to promote this functional growth so your training and performance takes off. You won’t be disappointed with the results and you will quickly see what these gains can do for you.

medicine balls

What Is A Medicine Ball?

Medicine balls are weighted balls that vary in size and weight, as well as many different variations. Typically firm, these can be inflatable, rubber, or made from a special grip material which make these highly versatile and perfect for a variety of workouts. Now used as weights to enhance progressive overload, medicine balls have been incorporated into different programs and the benefits are amazing.

Benefits Of Medicine Ball Training

Build Strength & Full Body Functionality

Medicine balls can be used for a wide range of movements which can include many muscle groups to see increased growth. Shorter, higher impact exercises can really work your muscles and add weight to normally just bodyweight workouts, giving more resistance for your muscle to deal with. As a great full body workout, medicine balls can aid in total body functionality by strengthening movements seen in everyday life (1).

Enhance Explosive Power

These shorter bursts and higher intensity movements will also promote better explosive power, especially for those sports where fast motions and quicker reflex times are important. Introducing a higher level of focus, medicine balls will work wonders for that explosive power. With each exercise training certain areas for sport specific movements, you won’t leave out a muscle group, no matter how small (2).

medicine balls

Promote Balance & Posture

Using a medicine ball in your training can really enhance balance and posture by increasing core support to align the spine and alleviate lower back pain while also promoting solid stabilization for any movement. With the increased power comes a need for better balance, and by working specific groups, you can tackle any of these challenges that lie before you.

Increase Cardio & Aid In Weight Loss

Medicine balls do not only have use in solitary positions, like an air squat. You can use medicine balls to add weight during a run, cycling, or even variations of something like a farmer’s carry. Regardless of the exercise, using a medicine ball can enhance muscular endurance, but also keep your heart rate elevated and see you burning calories for that desired weight loss to take effect (3).

Simple & Convenient

Medicine balls can be used anywhere and at anytime and are simple and convenient fitness tools. Easy to learn, the number of exercises that can be performed while using a medicine ball may change the way you view working out. An added bonus is that you can do these with a partner or solo and either way is safe and effective.

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Wrap Up

Medicine ball training can greatly enhance all aspects of your training and performance and should not be overlooked. A high-quality medicine ball can ensure functional and effective workouts while also promoting durability and longevity in you and the product itself. Able to enhance strength and muscle growth, promote power and explosivity, increase cardio and weight loss, as well as support balance and better posture, the benefits should be enough for you to grab a medicine ball and get to work. Add these to your home gym or workouts and feel great knowing you took a step in the direction of serious physical success.

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