The 10 Best Bodybuilding Exercises Of All Time

The 10 Best Bodybuilding Exercises Of All Time

The 10 Best Exercises You Can Do

Some lifts are better than the others at giving you the results you have been working for. The exercises we’ll be sharing with you have passed the test of time and have proved their mettle.

In this article, we’ll give you a mix of compound and isolation exercises which can put your muscles gain on the fast track. We’ll list out at least one exercise for each muscle group which, according to us, is the best.

Make these lifts a part of your workout arsenal, and the results will speak for themselves.

Bench Press

The bench press is probably one of the first exercises taught to a beginner and for good reasons. Since the bench press is a compound exercise, it can help in building your core strength, muscle stabilizers along with your chest.


Deadlifts are one of the most bad-ass exercises. The deadlifts can help in building a strong foundation as they work almost your entire body. Getting your form right in the beginning is critical to getting the most out of the lift.

Machine Preacher Curls

Most people join a gym to build some killer guns. The machine preacher curls are an isolation exercise which works the peak of your biceps. If you don’t have a machine preacher bench in your gym, you can use a normal preacher bench combined with a low pulley machine.

Single-Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions

The long head of the triceps is arguably the hardest part to train and develop. Overhead exercises like the single-arm dumbbell overhead tricep extensions with a controlled movement can help you effectively target the muscle group.

Barbell Curls

Most people make the mistake of using momentum by swinging back and forth while performing the barbell curls. Maintain a strict form with an upright torso to make sure you don’t leave any gains on the table. You could also use an EZ bar if the straight barbell is too harsh on your joints.

Arnold Presses

The Arnold presses were invented by the GOAT, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Arnold presses train the majority of your shoulder. It trains the two out of three shoulder heads i.e. the anterior and medial deltoids.

Cable Flyes

The interior pectoral muscles can be hard to train and develop using the compound exercises. Cable flyes do a great job of isolating and annihilating your pecs and help in building the conditioning and striations in your chest.

Dumbbell Shrugs

The dumbbell shrugs are one of the easiest exercises to perform, and yet many people do them incorrectly as they let their egos get the better of them. Using dumbbells instead of the barbell gives you more leverage and range of motion which can help in better targeting your shoulders.

Standing Calf Raises

Calves are one of the most overlooked muscles groups. The calves are made up of two muscles, gastrocnemius and soleus. The standing calf raises can be performed on a calf machine or a smith machine and targets the gastrocnemius.


Did you think we were going to leave out the squat from the list? Could not happen in a century. The squats are the king of all exercises and help in building your legs, core, and overall strength.

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