Best 4 Kettlebell Exercises To Boost Fat Loss & Shred Down

kettlebell exercises

Work to lose fat with these top kettlebell exercises.

Working with kettlebells allows us the opportunity to see great gains when it comes to those effective kettlebell exercises. As a worthwhile fitness tools to have in our routine, the ability to increase strength, enhance stability, and see full body progress is important. However, these kettlebells workouts will help lead to fat loss as we seek to shred down.

Combining strength training with higher intensity work is a great way to burn fat for it allows us to put on muscle, shed calories, and change our body composition for the better. Often times, equipment like dumbbells and barbells can seem challenging to use, especially with higher intensity work. But what you will find with kettlebells are easy to hold options that work effectively so you can tackle those fat loss gains with ease.

We’ll show you some top kettlebell exercises to burn fat and shred down as you seek that desired physique. Kettlebells are great fitness tools to enhance your workouts and with the right kettlebells, you can achieve these goals with no problem.

kettlebell exercises

Benefits Of Kettlebells

Kettlebells offer great benefits and can work to shape your routine for the better. With an influence on training and performance, knowing the benefits will make you want to put kettlebell exercises into your routine.

Benefits of kettlebells include:

  • Full body workout: Kettlebells target many muscle groups and increase strength, endurance, and flexibility to provide for a full body workout to save you time and get the most out each session (1).
  • Promote strength & power: Improved power output at an intense pace for increased lean muscle mass will allow gains for other powerful movements for either sport specific or functional movements (2).
  • Improved balance, stability, & coordination: Enhance mind-muscle connection and work to improve technique and form so you stay more balanced and stable and keep your body working as one unit.
  • Burn fat and tone: Easy to use and functional pieces of equipment allow us to burn fat and tone our physiques with things like HIIT.

kettlebell exercises

Best 4 Kettlebell Exercises For Burning Fat

Let’s take a look at 4 fat burning exercises that can work to shed calories, tone us out, and aid in that desired physique. Adding these to our routine can work to enhance any training session for that extra layer of fat burn.

1. Kettlebell Squat & Press

What you will find with the kettlebell squat and press is an exercise that works to target your lower body and upper body. The squat portion allows for your legs to get some work done and the press will increase strength and stability in those shoulders.

How To: With your feet about hip-width apart, hold the kettlebell firm and bend down into a squat. Once you reach your max range of motion, drive up from the squat and push the kettlebell overhead into a press. In a controlled motion, lower the kettlebell and repeat for your desired number of sets and reps.

2. Kettlebell Swings

This compound movement offers a total body workout to increase strength and size while also getting your heart rate up. An intense movement, this is a nice fat burning exercise and fits well into any HIIT training routine.

How To: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and let the kettlebell hang with your arms extended down. Starting in a semi squat position, keep your abs and core tight and move the kettlebell through your legs to around chest level. Continue this movement at a good pace for your desired number of sets and reps.

3. Kettlebell High Pull

The kettlebell high pull is a good exercise to improve strength and power and the nature of the movement at a faster pace will get your heart rate going so you burn some calories. With a similar movement to kettlebell swings, you will see the connection if both are in your routine.

How To: Hold the kettlebell in front of you and with a neutral spine and tight core, swing the kettlebell through your legs, similar to kettlebell swings, but once at the top, give it a pull up towards your shoulders. Keep up this movement for your desired number of sets and reps.

4. Kettlebell Goblet Lunges

Kettlebell goblet lunges are great for evening out your lower body and the continuous movement makes this efficient at burning calories. For your lower body routines, this is definitely one to consider.

How To: Hold the kettlebell with both hands under your chin. Your feet will be together and you will engage your core. Step one foot out in front of the other and bend at the knee. Step that leg back and repeat with the other. Continue switching legs for your desired number of sets and reps.

kettlebell exercises

Why Kettlebells Are Great Workout Tools

Kettlebells are great workout tools because they are easy to use. The handle and design of a kettlebell allows you to hold and move with any workout. Anything that can be cumbersome to move with just won’t cut it so having a quality piece of fitness equipment is exactly what you need to see the best gains.

Also, kettlebells come in many different weights which allow you to change as you increase strength and build more muscle. The downside to kettlebells is that in order to have different weight options you need to own a variety of kettlebells which can just add up. However, some companies are creating adjustable kettlebells, similar to adjustable dumbbells, to alleviate the hassle of paying for more kettlebells and taking up space.

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Wrap Up

Kettlebells are great pieces of fitness equipment and can work to burn fat so you see great results to your physique. As convenient and versatile pieces of equipment, you will find that kettlebells will help you move with ease and work to capitalize on those goals as effectively as possible. Give yourself the benefit of a great fat burning workout with kettlebells today.

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