Best Male Fitness Athletes You Need To Follow on Instagram

Follow These Male Fitness Celebrities on Instagram

If you’re a fitness junkie or want to start on your fitness journey, Instagram can be a great source of motivation. Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest platforms for the fitness athletes to share their experiences and knowledge.

Some of the fitness athletes on Instagram have earned the celebrity status all thanks to the great content they post. Many of these celebrities share fitness, workout, and diet tips with their fans on their Instagram pages.

Julian Smith

Julian Smith is probably the least known athlete on this list and is fit to be called a hidden gem. Smith has an insane pair of legs and shares some of the exercises from his workouts with his fans on his page.

Kris Gethin

Gethin is the master of transformations. Kris arguably has undergone the most number of transformations on this list. Gethin doesn’t limit himself to the gym and participates in different sports and constantly pushes his limits.

Steve Cook

Cook is one of the most popular faces in the fitness industry. Steve is very open about his life with his fans and shares all he is up to on his social media. Cook competed in the Physique division in Mr. Olympia.

Seth Feroce

If you’re looking for a motivational guy to follow, it can’t get any better than Seth Feroce. Feroce has an insane physique and his words can push you to test your limits inside the weight room.

Bradley Martyn

Martyn doesn’t believe in sticking to the plain old vanilla exercises. Bradley will keep you entertained with his crazy workouts videos which include deadlifting 315lbs with one hand, squatting on a hoverboard and jumping out of a swimming pool.

Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid is all about developing his physique and mind at par. Rashid is a boxer-turned-bodybuilder who has gone back to his roots and has recently starting boxing professionally again.

Mike O’ Hern

Mike O’ Hern is probably the stronger individual on this list. Hern is also the athlete with the most number of magazines cover shoots on this list. Mike’s workouts are a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll has a great symmetrical physique with broad shoulder, a narrow waist, and tree trunks for legs. Swoll has a big heart and shares heart touching messages through his Instagram posts.

Ulisses Jr.

Ulisses Jr. has a chiseled physique which even the Greek Gods would envy. If you’re looking for new exercises, you should follow Ulisses for some great ideas. Ulisses Jr. has one of the best set of washboard abs on the internet and otherwise.

Flex Lewis

Flex Lewis is a 6X Mr. Olympia 212lb. Lewis is the most “on-stage accomplished” athlete on this list. Flex shares his insane workouts with his fans through his Instagram stories. Flex Lewis is one of the most humble people in the fitness industry.

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