Best Bodybuilding Nicknames

5. Total-Lee Awesome – Lee Haney

This is most definitely the corniest nickname on the list. But hey, we’re suckers for wordplay. The truth is that Lee Haney was, indeed, totally awesome. A legendary bodybuilder in his own right. So we’ll cut him some slack and allow for how Total-Lee cheesy his nickname is.

4. The Myth – Sergio Oliva

The Myth is a nickname that conjures up excitement and mystery. Much like the ancient Greek gods and heroes told throughout time. A myth is something so fantastic that it there is no way it can be true – just a simple fable. Segio Oliva is such a myth. A bodybuilder so cut and sculpted that it’s hard to believe. The best part is that The Myth is very real indeed.

3. The Gift – Phil Heath

The Gift is a nickname that was coined by one of Phil’s friends in the gym. Before he had won the Olympia at all, let alone three times. While some may think his nickname is an arrogant title stating Phil to be a gift to the bodybuilding world, it actually has a much more empowering reason. Everyone has a gift, a special talent that makes us unique. That gift should be shared not kept hidden away. Phil Heath shared his gifts and it brought him to the top of bodybuilding. If he kept it to himself he may never have gotten where he is today.

2. The Austrian Oak – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Oak is thick, sturdy, impossible to break or bend. All qualities that match Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personality and physique. Add some alliteration to that word and you get The Austrian Oak. It’s a name so bad ass that we wouldn’t blame him if he changed it to his legal name. It’s a whole heck of a lot easier to spell than Schwarzenegger.

1. Flex Wheeler – Kenneth Wheeler

Flex Wheeler gets #1 on our list because his actual first name pretty much just disappeared once Flex entered the picture. Flex Wheeler just perfectly flows. We wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of people honestly believed Flex to be his first name. It may not be the most intense or bad ass nickname – but it’s a classic. It’s the label of a bodybuilding magazine and a word that is embedded into the very fabric of bodybuilding.

So those are our picks for best bodybuilding nicknames – but we are far more interested to know what your nicknames are. Let us know what everyone calls you in the comments below. You can also share your nickname with us on Facebook and Twitter too!

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