Best on the Planet – Biceps as Big as Mountains

Best on the Planet – Biceps as Big as Mountains

The people who say they don’t like a pair of chiseled biceps are most probably lying. Big biceps are famous among men and women alike. While men want to possess big arms, many women want to possess men with big arms.

Big guns are the symbol of strength and masculinity, and most people wouldn’t dare piss off a guy with big biceps. In the article, we list people with arguably the meanest pythons in the bodybuilding world.

Best Biceps in the Bodybuilding World

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Back in the day, the Governator had one of the best biceps. Arnie imagines his biceps to be mountains while training. He wanted the peak of his biceps to overshadow the mountains. We’d say he almost achieved his goal.

Roelly Winklaar

The sheer size of Roelly’s biceps is enough to draw all the attention towards him. Winklaar’s arms are his biggest strength and he’ll surely be in the history books for his guns.

Phil Heath

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Phil Heath isn’t called the “The Gift” for no reason. Heath is the 7X Mr. Olympia champion which is proof enough of his genetic superiority. His arms are in perfect symmetry with full and round muscle bellies.

Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll is one of the most famous internet fitness celebrities. He is known for his muscle mass and incredible athletic capabilities. Joey’s tiny waist accentuates his arm size and makes him look like a total beast.

Kris Gethin

Gethin is a transformation specialist who doesn’t just lose fat or build muscle but makes them aesthetically appealing. Kris’ muscle quality and size are unparallel and his guns look like they can cause some serious damage.

Sergi Constance

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Talk about muscle symmetry and Sergi’s name is sure to come up. The Spanish fitness model has graced the covers of many magazines. His perfectly-chiseled biceps look nothing short of mountain peaks.

CT Fletcher

CT Fletcher had one of the most impressive biceps. Not only were his arms big but also packed a lot of strength. Although Fletcher recently went through a heart transplant, he can still put most gym bros to shame.

Steve Cook

Cook is a recognized face in the fitness world and was one of the first people to start a fitness YouTube channel. The thickness of his biceps and forearm show his brute strength and are a marvel of muscle balance and symmetry.

Flex Lewis

Flex Lewis is the undisputed 7X Mr. Olympia 212LB champion. His bicep size and definition are one of a kind and only a few (if any) people can match his muscle symmetry.

Sadik Hadzovic

Over the years Sadik has made a name for himself for being one of the hardest working bodybuilders. His Greek god-like biceps are proof that your hard work and dedication can never go waste.

Who do you think has the best biceps?

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