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5 Rules of Building Monstrous Calves

These Are The Biggest Calves On Earth

Calves can be one of the hardest muscles to grow. People with small calves will attest how stubborn the small muscle group can be. If you have small upper legs, lagging calves can make your legs look weaker.

A pair of fully-grown cows can add to the aesthetics and symmetry of your physique. In this article, we’ll be listing people with the best calves so that you can draw some much-needed motivation from them.

Flex Lewis

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Since Coach @neil_yoda_hill1 let the cat out the bag on his IG here are photos taken last week at 4wks out I will post them on mine since they already circulating the socials! ? – Follow the snapchat: Flex-Lewis – Join the FREE members section where you can see more members only photos unseen. Blogs/ Vlogs/ and Daily training Blog updates going into the @mrolympiallc. Sign up its FREE all about giving back! —————————————————- #Repost @neil_yoda_hill1 ・・・ Pictures taken last week at 4 weeks out of Team #Y3T Athlete @flex_lewis . . Counting down the days before hitting the stage again at the 2016 @mrolympiallc Giving his everything to be the last man standing and giving back to All the Fans and Sport. . . As a Team and unit we try to give back as much as possible so everyone can learn a little, be motivated and Educated, Thanks for all the Suport to Everyone that pushes us to be the Beat we can be! . . @this_is_bodybuilding . . #TeamFlex #TeamBSN #TeamV5 #TeamWeider #TeamY3T #MrOlympia #History

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Flex Lewis is the 7X 212 Mr. Olympia champion. Lewis’ size and conditioning are top-notch, and he virtually has no weak spots. His calves look like they have a life of their own and can easily overshadow anyone around him.

Ben Pakulski

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When you look at this picture, what comes to mind? Hard work? Genetics? Steroids? One thing I Suggest you NEVER do is discount how much work went into creating something. You have NO idea the amount of time, pain, discipline, and obsession went into creating this physique. Most people will fail in life because they discount the amount of time and work it’s going to take to get accomplish their goal, so when it gets hard they crumble like dry leaves. Whatever you think it took, multiple that by 20. And the next goal you set out to crush, multiply your expectation by 100 and hope it’s even harder. Never ask for it to be easy. Ask for you to be better. Im grateful for my pain, im grateful for my struggles, they made the man I am and will continue to push harder than most people ever conceive because I’ve been dark places most people aren’t willing to go. What struggles are you grateful for? #YouCantDoWhatIDo #mi40gym #muscleintelligence #mi40 #benpakulski #mi40life

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Ben has earned a name for himself when it comes to training scientifically and making use of all the research available to him. Judging by his calves, his physiological training research seems to be paying off.

Kai Greene

Many people consider Kai Greene to be an uncrowned Mr. Olympia. Kai’s interest and talents in sketching push him to focus on his muscular proportions and conditioning. Greene’s shredded cows are proof that he leaves no stones unturned in his training.

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates is the OG of size and conditioning in the bodybuilding world. His sheer muscle mass made him stand apart from the crowd. Yates’ legs, in particular, had a crazy definition. It was something people had not witnessed before.

Kris Gethin

Gethin is a transformation expert and a celebrity trainer. His calves seem to evolve into bigger and meaner cows with every passing year. Kris’ calves will make you want to train your tree wigs harder and smarter.

Tom Platz

Strength Wars Movie

It’s not possible to talk about the most muscular legs and leave Tom Platz out of the conversation. Although it is Tom’s upper legs which get the most attention, we want to use this opportunity to highlight his calves.

Jason Huh

Jason is a monster, and the size, vascularity, and graininess of his calves blur the line between awesome and gross – in a good way. Jason’s hardcore training approach can psyche you up for your calf workouts.

Frank McGrath

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That walking around kinda pump

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Frank McGrath is arguably the most vascular athlete of all times. He might also be the person with the most vascular calves on the planet. Frank is one of the people who makes gaining muscle mass look easier than it is.

Big Ramy

Big Ramy is called that for a reason. His larger than life-size can dwarf people around him. Ramy’s legs are his one of the stronger points and his calves add to the symmetry and size illusion.

Jay Cutler

Cutler is a 4X Mr. Olympia. His monstrous legs played a huge role in dethroning Ronnie Coleman to win the Mr. Olympia title. Jay pushed the boundaries when it came to testing how far the human body could go.

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