Best on the Planet – Shoulders Greek Gods Would Approve

Best on the Planet – Shoulders Greek Gods Would Approve

Since shoulders are where it all starts. There would be no “V-taper physiques” without broad shoulders. Wide shoulders have been a symbol of strength and masculinity for a long time.

Building Greek Gods-like shoulders isn’t easy. Broad shoulders mean a wider structure which can take a lot of hard work and patience. The people in this article have some of the best shoulders in the world.

Best Shoulders in the World

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance has one of the best shoulders in the industry and he knows it. He dresses up like a Greek warrior ever so often and steps on stage. The roundness of his delts is unparalleled.

Steve Cook

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Bulk or Cut?

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Steve Cook has been on the fitness scene for a long time and has garnered a big following. Cook focuses on building a Golden-era physique with broad shoulders. Steve shares his workouts on his YouTube channel.

Lazar Angelov

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Angelov is one of the most recognized faces in the fitness industry and has come to be known for his chiseled physique. His full and round shoulders make him look more muscular by adding the illusion of a small waist.

Shawn Rhoden

You shouldn’t be surprised to find Mr. Olympia 2018 on this list. Rhoden showed up at the 2018 Mr. Olympia with an incredibly symmetrical physique and his broad shoulders overshadowed his competition.

Kris Gethin

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I’ll never fucking lose it. I’ll always have unfinished business. If my fibres remain intact, I’ve got work to do. My passion for pain has to emerge by unleashing an army of desecrators to ravage my impotent muscles. The Iron speaks a language I’ll always understand. The weight of her company carries me, celebrates my victories, arouses my consciousness, and feeds my wasted wreckage. Over time, the Iron and I have built an unbreakable relationship. It breaks me down, resuscitates me, and then puts me down again. . Some think I am lonely or sad because I think this way. These are same people who celebrate a life sentence of reality TV show episodes and oral frenzies with fast food. They are too blind, brain washed, unfit, and lack the testosterone to breed more whining excuses of man the less the better. . Best days, bad luck, jealousy…I don’t feel anything and I don’t protest. It gives me more room to grow, steel gym space, and the success they unknowingly crave in their numbed existence. . I want to pulverize the poundage, rape the weight, and idolize the Iron. The reps start and end with the Iron. I swim through lactic acid to get to it every time. It hurts, but I am addicted. It grows me from the inside where I don’t want to hide. I tear at it hard and real until there is only pleasure to feel. . The weight speaks to me more than any person ever has. I pull or push at it until whatever lives within cracks my through my skin. I control you; you don’t get to tame me. * * * #bodybuilding #transformation #manofiron #krisgethin #gratitute #winner #bodybuilding #fitfam #healthy #muscles #igfitfam #igers #dream #hardwork #weighttraining #life #lifestyle #bodybuildingmotivation #flex #fitnessaddict #eatclean #kagedmuscle #partanimalpartmachine #notimetobleed #painisweaknessleavingthebody #knowledgewithoutmileageisbullshit #fatloss

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Gethin is the king of transformations and has shoulder caps the size of football helmets. Gethin follows crazy workouts where he does up to 30 repetitions on exercises like the side lateral raises and rear delt flyes.

Flex Lewis

Flex is one of the few gifted athletes in the industry. He is the undisputed 7X 212 Mr. Olympia. Lewis’ body is in perfect proportions and his broad shoulders dwarf anyone standing beside him.

Joey Swoll

Joey is one of the biggest Instagram fitness celebrities. He has crazy big shoulders, a tiny waist and amusing mobility for a guy of his size. Swoll is a fitness idol and has inspired many to live the fit lifestyle.

Jeremy Buendia

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#swollsundays @hanyrambod

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Jeremy Buendia is the 4X Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia champion. If you’re a fan of golden era aesthetics, Buendia is your man. Jeremy with his symmetrical and conditioned body is sure to add more titles to his belt.

Simeon Panda

Panda is a beast when it comes to training. He leaves no stones unturned when it comes to annihilating his muscles. Simeon’s shoulders are the result of lifting heavy weights and doing so with near perfect form.

Mike Rashid

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I stay ready.. Excited to begin #AlphaShred season 3 in a couple days… Those who have entered already can be in comfort that your general is the ultimate practitioner in that which he leads you in. My discipline and consistency is real, and I’ll be guiding y’all with that same authentic energy…. This won’t be easy but it will be rewarding. And fuck easy anyway 😏 If you’re on the fence about joining the challenge, I guess sit there and keep watching others progress… Keep putting shit off 🤷🏾‍♂️ That’s a habit that I’m giving you the opportunity to break RIGHT NOW… or you can stay comfy and keep watching, it’s on you…. For those who want in, register here: MIKERASHID.COM

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It would be safe to call Mike Rashid “The Delt Guy”. Rashid’s massive shoulders are the result of his brutal training and the sets he refers to as “the fatality sets”. Rashid focuses on training the mind along with the body.

Bradley Martyn

Martyn has some of the most insane workout videos which often go viral. His adventures in the gym include squatting with a couple of girls on the bar, box jumping out of a swimming pool and squatting 315lbs on a hoverboard.

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