The Best Personal Blenders for Bodybuilders in 2020

How to Choose the Right Personal Blender for You

Choosing the right blender can be extremely difficult for many reasons — cheap blenders can be $20 while high-end models run anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000; not every blender has the same features, or is as good at the same thing; blenders vary on everything from height and weight to controls to engine power to type of rotary blade. There’s an overwhelming amount of factors to consider, so, if you’re having trouble, let us break it down for you. Below, we evaluated our top 8 picks for best blender of the year and which is the most high end and powerful blender.

The Best Personal Blenders of 2020

AHNR Personal Blender

The AHNR Personal Smoother Blender is definitely the best personal blender model on the market today. It’s just 15 ounces, which makes it the perfect size for bringing a smoothie with you to the gym or on a hike. The 150-watt motor is exceptionally powerful for blending and for a personal-sized blender it can easily make smoothies, blend veggies, and create juices or protein shakes with protein powder or whatever you want to blend. Another key design feature on the AHNR is that it’s also rechargeable and computer compatible, so you never have to worry about running out of juice when making protein shakes with this powerful blender.
Overall Score: 9.9/10
Price: $39.99 

Sboly Personal Blender

The Sboly Personal Blender is a quick and effortless way to make protein shakes, smoothies, or juiced veggies before hitting the gym to really get that protein powder to work. The bottle of the blender easily detaches from the bottom form and becomes a grab-and-go cup ready to be thrown in your car or gym bag. It’s dishwasher-safe so it’s easy to clean, and boasts an impressive 300-watt engine. However, it only has 4 stainless steel rotating blades, as opposed to many other models which come with 6 minimum. That is really the only drawback to this blender — other than that, it’s very high powered for it’s size, very affordable for its amount of power and ease of use, and an all-around top choice for the best for athletes who want to make a great shake or whatever you want to blend.
Overall Score: 9.6/10
Price: $37.99

Cincred Personal Blender

The Cincred is an affordable option that is just as portable and easy-to-use as the AHNR and Sboly, despite being available at a much lower price point. This is definitely the most budget-friendly option for those of you who aren’t looking to spend too much money on a personal blender for protein shakes. This protein shake blender has high consumer reviews and is widely praised for its ability to chop ice, coffee beans, and recently thawed frozen veggies and ingredients without stalling or breaking down like cheaper models which suffer from too much blending. It’s the most effective blender for protein shakes in the most affordable bracket.
Overall Score: 9.5/10
Price: $19.99

La Reveuse 16 oz Personal Blender

The La Reveuse is a 250-watt personal blender that has the horsepower and level of blades necessary to chop, blend, mix, grate, grind, and even purée making this a top choice for best blender. It’s great for blending smoothies, shakes, and protein mixes with other ingredients. The design of the La Reveuse is extremely easy to use and the bowl easily detaches to become a cup. It comes with an extra mug for those of you looking to drink your protein shake or smoothie around the house.
Overall Score: 9/10
Price: $25.99

NOW Sports Personal Blender

NOW Sports is known for supplying some high quality supplements in the bodybuilding industry, but their domain also includes equipment like personal blenders. The NOW Sports Personal blender is GMP-quality assured, meaning the blender has excellent durability and material for high quality and is unlikely to break or stall even during heavy use making this a top choice for best blender. It has three speeds and a powerful 300-watt motor — one of the highest levels of horsepower on this list to make the best protein shake with great blending.
Overall Score: 8.8/10
Price: $22.95

Aicok Personal Blender

The Aicok Personal Blender is a great and easy to use model for a protein shake and one of the top tier protein shake blenders. One thing that sets it apart from other blenders on this list is that the bowl itself does not detach from the machine — but it does come with a portable cup that you can pour into. It’s a small difference, but it definitely lacks the ease of use that comes from a blender where the bowl of the blender itself can also become a cup. With a four-prong stainless steel motor, it actually dices better than some other models on this list with great speed. And, Aicok offers a 30-day warranty on all products, so if for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can always get a full refund for this great dishwasher safe blender.
Overall Score: 8.5/10
Price: $34.99

La Reveuse 18 oz Blender

The larger model of the La Reveuse has a 300-watt motor and 4-pronged stainless steel blades. It’s the largest blender on this list at 18 ounces, making it slightly larger than a personal blender normally is, but a great choice for those of you who tend to gulp down massive protein shakes in the morning or a protein shake before bed. It’s also 3 pounds, which is on the heavy side for a smaller blender designed to be carried with you. However, it’s extremely efficient, has high horse power, and can easily blend and purée tough materials like ice and coffee beans to save you time and make a large and simple shake for performance.
Overall Score: 8.2/10
Price: $19.99
How We Chose — The Five Key Blender Factors
Our editorial team used five key factors to help determine which blender works best for athletes, or even just anyone looking to have a high-powered blender that gets the job done in the kitchen. Our lineup of blenders was evaluated on the basis of value, durability, horsepower, variety of function, and design. Here’s how we applied those terms:
  • Value: We determined the value of the blender by weighing its price against its variety of features. This means that the cheapest blender won’t outrank the most expensive blender just because it technically costs the least so for those on a budget, that is something to consider. Each blender’s price is carefully weighed against the number of features it has and how well people who own the blender say it works.
  • Durability: A common complaint about blenders, especially cheap models, is that they break easily. Blenders were also ranked on their durability because you don’t just want a product that works, you want a product that lasts.
  • Horsepower: Probably the most obvious factor in your blender decision is the horsepower, which is the literal power the blender engine has to do things like crush, cream, mix, and purée. Obviously, having a higher horsepower is more desirable in a blender for convenience and time.
  • Variety of Function: How many things can your blender do? Basic models can probably crush ice and make a lumpy smoothie. But there are lots of blenders that have many functions and can do incredible things, like mill grains to your exact specifications, or create homemade butters, jams, and sauces.
  • Design: Finally, how easy is it to use your blender? Does the lid stay firmly on while you’re using it? Is it easy to empty the bowl when you’re done? The physical design of a blender is obviously important because using a poorly designed blender is extremely frustrating.
Which of these best blenders meets your nutrition needs?
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