How To Enhance Offseason Bodybuilding Goals For Competition Results

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When looking towards the offseason, preparing for competitions requires a set schedule and plenty of workouts.

The offseason can be a daunting time. We’ve gone through our bodybuilding competition prep and training routines and fell into a great rhythm while seeing the results we worked so hard for. But then it ends and the offseason can begin. It’s challenging for a number of reasons, but the main one being we probably just want a break. We want to decompress, give our bodies rest, and allow our minds to wander and focus on something else. While binge watching all the shows we missed or doing fun activities we hadn’t had time to do seems appealing, the offseason is the perfect time to buckle down and really get ourselves one step closer to a podium spot.

This time is perfect for bulking up and putting on that mass without worrying about symmetry and having to have everything be perfect. It’s as though we can look forward to a workout and treat it as just that: a workout. Not worrying about measurements, certain weights, specific exercises, and any of the specially designed programs we’ve instilled in ourselves. This time can be about doing what we love doing and that is working out and seeing huge gains. Capitalizing on what we’ve already accomplished should be motivation enough to really bite down and get this work done.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to capitalize on our gains this offseason to really be effective in the long run. These will help in a number of ways by helping set goals, keeping us on track, aiding in our overall health and wellness, and of course, really targeting a shredded physique we all know and love.

Best Ways To Enhance Offseason Goals

Make A Realistic Plan & Stick With It

Something that can work to our benefit yet still be a flaw is the amount of plans and goals we set for ourselves. The benefit to this is that it shows our drive and determination to be great, always looking ahead to the next best thing. This can be a flaw when it becomes overwhelming and none of those goals are achieved. Making a realistic plan of goals can help keep us on track and allow us to actually stick with it so we are able to capitalize on all of those benefits we wish to see most. Writing everything down is almost like writing a contract to ourselves and allows us to stay accountable to our goals and gains.

Work On Building Strength & Add More Intense Methods

Building strength is the fun part about the offseason without having to worry about specifics and getting bogged down in the details. The offseason is the perfect time to attack those muscles to start to see growth, and even some personal records. Adding more intense techniques like drops sets and added time under tension, as well as cardio routines involving high-intensity interval training, can really help when it comes to seeing that muscle growth. Finding a good strength-based program can be more than helpful and looking into professional bodybuilders’ workouts can provide some helpful tips as to how to safely and effectively see great gains.

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Look Into High Quality Supplements

Supplements can be your best friends during the offseason, especially high quality and worthwhile supplements to your gains. These supplements can promote serious growth, work on building a seriously stellar physique, and boost your health and wellness. Everything from a protein supplement, to a mass gainer, a pre-workout, and fat burner, all will work to help you achieve your goals. Putting a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement can keep you healthy as you put your body through some serious training.

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Focus On Nutrition

Offseason or not, nutrition is always on the forefront of our minds. But the fun part about the offseason is that you can use this time as a trial and error period when it comes to foods. During competition season, you have your own routine to follow because you know it works, but during the offseason this is a great time to try out new recipes and new foods to see just what these can do for your goals. Adding some diversity will make nutrition more fun in the long run.

Set A Date To Start Cutting & Prepping

Set a date where you intend to work towards until you start cutting and prepping. This will give you a deadline for accountability and also work to get you ready for those competitions so you are able to stick to a good routine and schedule as you get closer. It can be a set day or a rough timeline, but having a date in mind will really work to keep you on schedule and seeing those gains.

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Relax & Enjoy What You Love Doing

Take this time to enjoy working out. You are in the sport for a reason and that is because you love staying fit, working hard, and looking good. But when competitions roll around, the anxiety of it all can be fun but also overwhelming. Using this time to enjoy your craft and better yourself will be something really enjoyable in the long run and you will remember why you do what you do: for the love of bodybuilding and pushing yourself to the limit.

Wrap Up

Approaching the offseason can be daunting. But you aren’t alone in that. Every athlete will hit an offseason point and how you handle it will go a long way. Setting realistic goals and finding a good plan is a solid start, but enhancing your nutrition and supplementation can really give you the edge when it comes to bulking and giving you serious strength-building benefits. The most important thing is to work hard but also remember why you do what you do. The love of the sport is a powerful thing and getting caught up in the logistics of measurements and numbers can be overwhelming at times. Look forward to the road ahead and remember why you do the sport in the first place.

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