The Ultimate Stack To Build Strength & Size During The Offseason

This group of supplements can really enhance growth during the offseason so you see great gains in prep for performance.

The offseason is the perfect time for us to bulk up and put on that mass without worrying about doing so perfectly. Being free to lift big and seriously enhance out gains is something to look forward to. While it may be freeing, knowing the best supplements to take to enhance these gains is more than important. Really working to capitalize on this will prove to be more than effective in the long run.

From fat burners, pre-workouts, protein powders, and more, these supplements will seriously promote growth, a stellar physique, and overall health and wellness to boost your lifestyle during the offseason. Check out our list below of the ultimate stack to build strength and size during this offseason.

Best Fat Burner: Burn Lab Pro

fat burner

Burn Lab Pro is an innovative and research-backed fat burner with great benefits to enhance all of your results. A 100% natural, safe, and caffeine free supplement, Burn Lab Pro allows you to shed more body fat, gain more lean muscle (1), see better results from your diet and exercise, and offer a safe and effective supplement. With 5 powerful ingredients all researched for effectiveness, Burn Lap Pro is the ultimate fat burner for your needs.

Pros: Great ingredients designed to tackle weight and fat loss goals. Stim free with an advanced formula offers a safe and natural supplement for your overall health and wellness. From a reputable and high quality company.

Cons: Premium priced option and 3 capsules is getting up there in serving size amount.

Price: $59.00/ 90 capsules

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Burn Lab Pro was a runner up in the 2020 GI Supplement Awards. Check out the winner and other finalists here, as well as our individual review here!

Best Pre-Workout: National Bodybuilding Co. Stage Ready


National Bodybuilding Co. Stage Ready Pre-Workout is designed to enhance levels of strength through a combination of 13 highly researched ingredients. This supplement can boost your training capacity, provide for muscle pumps and support muscle building, optimize cellular ATP production, and enhance neurotransmitter synthesis for clean and sustained focus. Each ingredient is well researched and clinically dosed to provide for an advanced pre-workout that is both safe and effective.

Pros: This offers you a full 30-day supply. The ingredients are naturally sourced, clinically researched and optimized for results. It will keep your energy levels high without a mid-workout crash and promote muscle growth and recovery and is easily modified depending on your desired level of strength.

Cons: It is a premium priced option and is only available on their website directly. It also only ships to customers in the United States.

Price: $48.00 for 336 grams (30 servings)

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National Bodybuilding Co. Stage Ready Pre-Workout won Best Pre-Workout in the GI Supplement Awards. Check it out here, as well as our individual review here!

Best Whey Protein: Transparent Labs ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate

Transparent Labs brings this great 100% grass-fed whey protein concentrate for those looking to pack on lean muscle and promote solid recovery post-workout (2). With no artificial coloring, sweeteners, or preservatives, this protein can benefit your workout performance and offer great gains. Packed with 24 grams of protein and only containing 120 calories, this great tasting protein is one to see great bulking results without added weight gain.

Pros: Great protein amount and low calorie while also having great taste. Results are seen with muscle growth and recovery. From a reputable and honest company in Transparent Labs.

Cons: A premium priced item only available directly through their website.

Price: $49.00/ 2 lbs. tub (30 servings)

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Transparent Labs ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate was a finalist for Best Protein Powder in the GI Supplement Awards. Check it out here, as well as our individual review here!

Best Multivitamin: Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men

This ultramodern multivitamin by Performance Labs will boost your overall health and peak human performance with 17+ essential daily vitamins and minerals. Whole food cofactors allow for optimal absorption and with this supplement you will see improved metabolic performance, immune function, cardiovascular health, and muscle growth. Their NutriGenesis process mirrors nutrient genesis found in nature to increase bioavailability, as well as safety and effectiveness.

Pros: It contains a diverse group of vitamins and minerals to cover all aspects of your health and all the ingredients are natural. The NutriGenesis process is unique and innovative and makes all the vegan-friendly ingredients bioavailable.

Cons: It is slightly low in calcium and magnesium and is only available through their website.

Price: $39.00 for 120 tablets (30 servings)

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Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men was a runner up for Best Health & Wellness Product in the GI Supplement Awards. Check it out here, as well as our individual review here!

Best Vegan Protein: National Bodybuilding Co. Full Prep

National Bodybuilding Co. Vegan Protein

National Bodybuilding Co. Full Prep is a premiere product for bodybuilders to experience the power of plant-based nutrition while boosting those physique goals. Designed to maximize gains while also reducing body fat, this high quality formula is great for reducing bloating and aiding in digestion. With 20.5 grams of protein, this lean and clean protein supplement can serve you well for those muscle-building goals.

Pros: A 100% organic and naturally flavored protein, it is designed for cleaner and faster absorption. Produced by a rising and reputable company and manufactured to FDA standards.

Cons: 20 servings per container is low and you can only get it from the website directly. Chocolate is also the only flavor.

Price: $40.00/ 20 servings

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National Bodybuilding Co. Full Prep was a runner-up in the 2020 GI Supplement Awards for Best Protein Powder. Check it out here, as well as our individual review here!

Best Krill Oil: Transparent Labs CoreSeries Krill Oil

Transparent Labs CoreSeries Krill Oil

This krill oil by Transparent Labs is a superior source of nutrition to get you all of those omega-3s without any harmful additives. Offering more gentle absorption, this will assimilate in your cells more effectively (3) and with 120mg EPA, 55mg DHA, and 80mcg astaxanthin, these capsules are easy to digest and are great for your brain, heart, and joint health. Transparent Labs prides themselves on honest and clean products and this krill oil is clean with no additives, sweeteners, or coloring.

Pros: This product comes with great ingredients and an honest label. Great value and well-researched, as well as third party tested, to provide for accurate assessment of the benefits.

Cons: It could have slightly higher doses of both EPA and DHA. Compared to others, astaxanthin is low and it is only available through their website.

Price: $29.00 for 60 softgels (30 servings)

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Best Mass Gainer: Transparent Labs ProteinSeries Mass Gainer

mass gainer

Transparent Labs ProteinSeries Mass Gainer is the perfect supplement to help you pack on that lean muscle and healthy weight. This pure formula is a solid meal replacement or perfect pairing with a protein supplement for that post-workout muscle growth and recovery. Offering 53 grams of protein, it also offers 109 grams of natural carbs derived from organic tapioca, oat, and sweet potato sources. Transparent Labs ensures no artificial coloring, additives, or sweeteners ruin this great product and you will see huge growth in the offseason with this stellar mass gainer.

Pros: Great results for packing on muscle without adding fat. Nice amount of protein and all-natural carb sources is comforting. From an honest company in Transparent Labs.

Cons: A premium priced option only available through their website.

Price: $65.00/ 6.5 lbs. tub (15 servings)

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Best Testosterone Booster: CentraPeak

Centrapeak Testosterone Booster

CentraPeak is a great testosterone and vitality booster to improve physical condition and mental strength. This supplement can increase your T levels to boost energy, build strength, enhance libido, and increase your confidence. This unique and effective formula is designed with research-backed and clinically-dosed ingredients so you see the desired results you want without worrying about if this product will work. With 14 total ingredients, CentraPeak can work to boost your testosterone and increase vitality for a better quality of life.

Pros: This is a top-quality innovative formula with great benefits and is vegan-friendly. With no proprietary blends, the label is honest and is manufactured in a cGMP approved facility. There is also free worldwide shipping on all orders.

Cons: The price is high due to premium ingredients and advanced manufacturing and they only sell directly from the website. The dosage of magnesium could be higher.

Price: $69.00/ bottle (90 capsules)

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CentraPeak won for Best Test Booster in the 2020 GI Supplement Awards. Check it out here, as well as our individual review here!

Best BCAA: Enhanced Anabolic IV


Enhanced Anabolic IV is the perfect intra-workout supplement for those serious about muscle gains. This product ensures you get a healthy dose of BCAAs to promote protein synthesis and recovery with the added bonus of EAAs to actually build that muscle tissue so you see an increase in your strength and size (4). Anabolic IV can also aid in increased fat burning, supporting optimal hormone balance, and decreased fatigue to elevate endurance performance. Made from 23 highly effective ingredients, this supplement has an advanced formula with six great blends: clinically dosed amino acid blend, nitric oxide blend, non-stimulant nootropic blend, electrolyte blend, B vitamin blend, and a fat oxidation and muscle insulin sensitivity blend.

Pros: Effective ingredients and great blends make this product really useful. Containing EAAs as well really encourages that muscle growth will occur and the price is good.

Cons: There are a lot of ingredients for a BCAA product so diligent research is required.

Price: $54.99 for 60 servings

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Enhanced Anabolic IV was a finalist in the 2020 GI Supplement Awards for Best Post-Workout. Check it out here, as well as our individual review here!

Best Supplement Stack: National Bodybuilding Co. Supplement Stack

supplemtn stack

This stack from National Bodybuilding Co. allows you to build muscle over a 30 day period with everything you need for muscle building. With the right programming and stack of supplements, you will see that new muscle packed on leaving you feeling and looking great. This stack includes:

  • Stage Ready Pre-Workout
  • Bodybuilders Multivitamin
  • Pro Contest BCAA
  • Full Prep Vegan Protein

These four supplements are created from only the best ingredients from a company in National Bodybuilding Co. who seeks nothing but the best from their supplements. With research-backed ingredients and proven results, these supplements are designed for bodybuilders so they see that desired growth really start to flow. Included in this stack is also a free Blenderbottle shaker, as well as free shipping in the United States. Save 5% when you get this bundle and really feel the benefits of all four of these amazing supplements.

Pros: Four amazing supplements each containing clean and beneficial ingredients. Wide array of supplements leaves no holes in your supplementation. From a reputable company in National Bodybuilding Co.

Cons: Premium priced options and only available through their website.

Price: $152.00

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Top Exercises To Build Mass

Best For Chest: Bench Press

A staple powerlift, this exercise has become an ultimate test of strength. This is a great lift to target your upper and lower chest, arms, and shoulders and can really bulk up your chest while providing for increased grip strength. Working to improve muscular endurance as well, this versatile exercise offers many variations and is perfect for pumping up your pecs (5).


Best For Back: Deadlift

This impressive exercise is great for seeing explosive strength, overall power, and serious support for other lifts. The second of the big three powerlifts, this will target the back and spine, glutes, and legs. Great for muscle growth, the deadlift will also enhance grip strength and core stability, but can support extra balance as this forces you to stay grounded.

Best For Legs: Barbell Back Squats

The third of the big three powerlifts, back squats can light up your lower body. Working your glutes and quads, this will also work to hit your adductors, hamstrings, calves, and core. By strengthening your lower body, you provide for increased strength, size, and power, while also aiding in stability for reduce strain and injury.

Best For Functionality: Pull-ups

Pull-ups are great strength builders for the entire upper body and work to provide functional strength. These will increase your back and core strength, aid in better posture and balance, and can improve your physique so you see that desired V-shape upper body. Able to support everyday movements, pull-ups should be placed in your workouts either as a warm-up, mid-workout exercise, or post-workout finisher and stretch (6). Add chains or resistance bands for an extra challenge as well.

Best For Shoulders: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Working those shoulders is important for many reasons, but aesthetically, you will have boulders on each side of your head. Increasing strength and size, the shoulder press is a great way to build muscle and get wider shoulders for a more pronounced V-shape. These will also work smaller stabilizer muscles that are often overlooked and can help you see better symmetry for competition season.

Best For Triceps: Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers will seriously work your triceps to get that horseshoe-shaped arm you desire most. Increased triceps strength can also aid in pressing movements and work to achieve better overhead stability. They will promote better support for your elbows so you can increase in volume and technique while simply adding the benefits of larger, more strong arms.

bicep workout

Best For Biceps: Bicep Curls

An easy and effective exercise, the traditional bicep curl can help you see great bicep growth for those stellar arms. The king of isolation exercises in the minds of some, bicep curls can provide for quick pumps and serious strength with the ability to add more weight quickly. Along with big triceps, that horseshoe-shaped arm will really begin to pop.

Best For Abs: Planks

Planks are an awesome core exercise for serious support. Enhancing full body engagement, planks can improve posture and balance to reduce the risk of injury and offer better stability to aid in big lifts. Place planks in your ab routine and really work to see those six-pack abs pop this offseason.

Wrap Up

The offseason is the perfect time to seriously buckle down to see great gains. With all the time to train and focus on yourself, these top supplements are perfect for gaining mass, keeping off unwanted weight, and providing great benefits to your overall health and wellness. Staying healthy in the offseason is just as important as hitting the gym and should be taking seriously to maximize your recovery. Try these great exercises to hit your one rep max or to see worthwhile growth. You won’t be disappointed by the results when you invest in yourself.

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