Best Multivitamin For Bodybuilding and Weightlifting

Don’t fall victim to the sharp decline in the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables

We are not getting as many nutrients as we once were, and this is why multivitamins are important. Soil depletion and GMO’s are just some of the factors that have led to foods being less nutrient dense than they once were, having serious effects on our bodybuilding and weightlifting goals. Now, more than ever, it’s difficult to obtain optimal amounts of micronutrients naturally from your diet and for us as bodybuilders and other strength athletes, this just doesn’t cut it. To be successful with our bodybuilding goals, we need nutrients, and vital ones at that. A good multivitamin can help us capitalize on all these gains, and keep our immune systems in check, so we don’t miss out on anything important.

In fact, up to 50% of the US population has shown to be deficient in micronutrient levels such as Magnesium [1] in clinical studies.

Let’s break down what multivitamins are, the benefits that they bring, and the best multivitamin for bodybuilding.

Overview of Multivitamins

Multivitamins can provide optimal amounts of micronutrients needed to function at your best. While you should try to obtain all micro and macro nutrients naturally from your diet, sometimes it can be difficult. Much like how consuming enough protein is possible through your diet, but bodybuilders still use protein powder to make their life much easier.

The Best Multivitamin for Bodybuilding

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men is a specifically formulated multi for bodybuilders to help with all their needs. With 17+ essential daily vitamins and minerals, this top tier formula is great for overall health and wellness.

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men is a top tier multivitamin with amazing ingredients and an effective formula to boost all areas of your health and wellness.

Performance Lab is a leader in nutritional supplements and with formulas that include industry-leading ingredients, their products combine nutritional technology with high-quality and innovative supplements to meet all of their consumers’ needs. Their patented NutriGenesis process ensures clean, safe, and effective vitamins and minerals, and with clean labels that are non-GMO and 100% gluten-free, you can be sure that no hidden agendas lurk in your supplements. Their state-of-the-art facilities are current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) compliant and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How We Choose

So how do you choose a natural multivitamin to buy? Well, it’s not as easy as picking up the first multivitamin that claims to be ‘natural’ you see on the shelf.

Most multivitamins on the market are synthetic and not fully utilized by your body, resulting in your urine turning yellow after they are excreted. And you wasting your cash.

There are several things to consider that you’re probably not aware of. One important point being natural vitamins have proven to be naturally superior to synthetic vitamins in numerous studies [2].

As a result, it’s important that you do some research and find a natural multivitamin providing vitamins and minerals that can actually be used by your body. The good news is that we’ve done the hard work for you. One product, in particular, stood out among the crowd…

Performance Lab® NutriGenesis® Multi

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men

Key Benefits:

  • No excreting vitamins, no yellow urine – Patented ‘NutriGenesis®’ system provides natural-identical vitamins and minerals your body actually uses.
  • Fuel your body for performance – Specifically delivers the nutritional needs for men, so you can perform at your best.
  • Optimal dosages of vitamins and minerals – Contains over 17 essential daily vitamins + minerals with whole-food cofactors in scientifically-proven dosages.

Quick Summary

NutriGenesis® is a patented system by Performance Lab® that produces highly absorbable vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients are grown in a way that mirrors nutrient genesis in nature – so that your body recognizes these vitamins and minerals as actual ‘food’ instead of as synthetic supplements.

That means Performance Lab® NutriGenesis® Multi doesn’t rely on dehydrating carrots or other vegetables that have suffered from serious nutritional decline, like other “whole-food multivitamins” do. It’s the highest quality multivitamin that we’ve seen on the market and could be essential for bodybuilders and gym-goers to help fill any nutritional gaps left in their diet. It has also made it to the top of our list for the best multivitamins for men.

Performance Lab® also deliver everywhere in the world. So whether you’re wanting the best multivitamin for bodybuilding in the UK, US or anywhere else, you’ll have no issues with fast shipping.

Do I Need a Multivitamin for Bodybuilding?

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If there’s one supplement that all bodybuilders should be taking, it’s a multivitamin. Even if you weigh out all of your meals and plan everything, you might still have nutritional gaps in your diet. And if you don’t plan your meals at all, then forget about even trying to consume optimal micronutrient levels through your food. In a nutshell, multivitamins help fill those gaps and ensure that you have a strong nutritional foundation to build on.

The age old saying “you wouldn’t build a house without a strong foundation” really does apply here.

Vitamin D is Important for Muscle Growth and Strength

Creatine and protein powder often soak up all of the glory for strength and muscular developments in the supplement world. But Vitamin D has proven to benefit muscle function and strength in numerous clinical studies; a study by Dr. Hassan-Smith actually found a link between lower muscle mass and lower Vitamin D levels [3]

Another study by the University of Birmingham [4] concluded that increased levels of active Vitamin D can help optimize muscle strength.

So next time you plan on improving your lifts and physique, don’t forget about the importance of keeping your Vitamins D levels optimal. A multivitamin containing this micronutrient can help do exactly that as you seek the most out of all your gains.

B Vitamins for Muscle Growth and Recovery

You probably didn’t know that Vitamin B6 and B12 both affect protein metabolism. In fact, a study by Okada M [5] found that a high protein diet increases your requirement of B6.

As all bodybuilders know, you need to consume a certain amount of protein to either maintain or build muscle mass. But there will be many of you that don’t keep an eye on their Vitamin B6 intake. Not only that, consuming the recommended intake of Vitamin B6 has also shown to upregulate the gene expression of a number of factors that promote the growth and repair of skeletal muscle in a clinical study too [6]

It’s Difficult to Obtain Certain Micronutrients Naturally Through Your Diet

This is the bottom line. Unless you have a professional chef/nutritionist or the time to sit down and consume 6 meals per day, it can be difficult to reach optimal intakes of vitamins and minerals. For example, there’s many professionals out there who struggle to find the time to even take lunch breaks.

Of course, you want to at least try to obtain all micronutrients through food. But multivitamin supplements provide you with a strong foundation to build on. A quality multivitamin can provide your body with the essentials, just by popping 2-4 capsules per day.

Vitamins and Minerals to Look for as a Bodybuilder in Multivitamins

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men Label

Vitamin A

This is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s known for its ability to support your immune function and vision. It also plays a vital role in the normal formation of organs including your heart, lungs and kidneys [7].

Vitamin C

Everyone knows that Vitamin C is ‘good for you’. It’s an essential micronutrient as your body can’t produce it naturally, meaning you have to obtain it through food or supplementation.

Vitamin C has also shown to play an important role in supporting your immune system, as well as in the absorption of other micronutrients such as Iron. Additionally, Vitamin C is also known for its antioxidant properties and is a co-factor in collagen synthesis to help support your joint tissue and bone. While many of us know we should take it, it is important to actually take it.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D found in supplements. It’s shown to be much more beneficial than the cheaper Vitamin D2 found in some multivitamins [8].

Known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’ it’s become known for its ability to support testosterone levels, as well as protein synthesis and your immune system [9].

Many nutritionists often state that if they were to choose one micronutrient to supplement, then Vitamin D3 would be one of them strongly considered. This is an example of how important it is to consume sufficient Vitamin D levels.

The best multivitamin for men should contain over 100% of your recommendation daily allowance for Vitamin D. That means you should look at the ingredients list and make sure the dose of vitamin D is to your standard.

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant that’s able to scavenge loose electrons that can damage cells and also boost your immune system. As well as this, Vitamin E is known for its ability to prevent clots from forming in heart arteries [10].

B Complex Vitamins

If you’re not familiar with nutrition, you might not be aware of how many B Vitamins there are – 8 in total.

We’ve already mentioned earlier in this article about the benefits of Vitamins B6 and B12 (being able to promote the growth and repair of muscle mass). Being deficient in Vitamin B12 is more common than you think, with up to 15% of the general population found to be deficient in studies [11].

There’s even more reason to supplement with B Complex Vitamins if you’re vegetarian or vegan; However, vegans lack adequate sources of vitamin B12 from diet alone. Getting enough B vitamins should be at the top of your list and absolutely not overlooked.

Vitamins K1 + K2

Vitamin K is known for being able to help your body make proteins for healthy bones and tissues, as well as helping with blood clotting too [12]. It’s found naturally in some foods as Natto, which LeanBulking classes as one of the best bodybuilding foods for vegetarians.

Also, importantly, taking Vitamin K2 while supplementing Vitamin D3 will ensure that calcium is absorbed optimally and reaches bone mass – while preventing arterial calcification.

As a result, any multivitamin that contains Vitamin D should also come with Vitamin K too. The good news is that Performance Lab NutriGenesis® Multi contains all the above, and more.

Best Time to Take Multivitamins for Bodybuilding

Different multivitamins will come with different instructions in terms of how frequently to take them. You might find one multivitamin with 1 daily serving, with others recommending up to 3-4 servings per day.

We believe the ‘sweet spot’ is 2 servings daily; this will make sure your body isn’t overwhelmed with a whole day’s worth of micronutrients in one serving, without making supplementation of a multivitamin too much of a hassle (you’re more likely to forget taking 4 servings per day than 2).

In terms of the best time to take multivitamins, whether it’s for general health, weightlifting or bodybuilding, most people consume their multivitamin in the morning and mid-afternoon. It is recommended to consume fat-soluble vitamins and minerals with food. And since the best multivitamins contain them, taking your first multivitamin serving with breakfast is a good idea.

Final Words

When you think of bodybuilding supplements, the first products that come to mind are probably protein powder, pre-workout and creatine. But it’s so easy to neglect micronutrients, but finding the best multivitamin for bodybuilding can play a vital role in helping you attain peak health and support your muscle building/fat shredding journey.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s always best to try and obtain all of your micro and macronutrients naturally from your diet. But many of you live busy lifestyles and simply don’t have the time to plan all meals and nutrient intake. Supplements like multivitamins and protein powder give weightlifters and bodybuilders an easier option.

So, it’s no surprise that more gym goers are searching for the top options when it comes to multivitamins. Though multivitamins still remain as one of the most underrated supplements in our opinion. We believe that Performance Lab® NutriGenesis® is the highest quality multivitamin currently on the market and that this supplement should absolutely be on your shelf. What you are really getting is a top tier multivitamin with great ingredients, an effective formula, and a reputable company backing you. Try Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men and see what this can do for you health and wellness goals today.

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best-multivitamin-for-bodybuildingPerformance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men is a powerful multivitamin with clean ingredients and a well-thought out formula. Able to support all areas of your gains, this supplement can support health and wellness and pump you with those vital nutrients so you never suffer a deficiency. What you are really getting is a top tier multivitamin with great ingredients, an effective formula, and a reputable company backing you.