5 Tips For Building Bigger Biceps

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Build Bigger Biceps With These Tips

Your pythons can become the biggest, meanest and most venomous with proper training. While most people love training their arms, only a few have guns worth flaunting. Tweaking your arm training a little can result in major gains and often times people neglect just how important this can be. We all love working our arms, but why waste time with an average approach? Following just a few tips can really give you what you want so you see the best gains unfold when building bigger biceps.

How do you know you need tips for better bicep training, you ask? If you’re someone who flexes his guns in the mirror but sees nothing more than a flat pulse line, this article is for you. Knowing what to do and how best to it can give you that physique you want most when you look in the mirror. We all want the edge on our competition, so why not follow the best advice to get there? These 5 tips are sure to help you see great growth so those bulging bis are the first thing anyone sees.

Let’s jump into these 5 tips so you have the knowledge to see the best gains possible. By following the right advice, you won’t waste any time in the gym and will only see the best of results.

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Benefits Of Strong Biceps

Having strong biceps goes far beyond simply looking great with those bulging arms. As a pivotal pulling muscle with the right support and strength, you will have less strain on this muscle and other supporting muscles to limit your risk of injury. Less stress on your wrist allows for optimal movements without pain and you will enhance both functional and sport specific movements with no problem. And yes, on top of all this, you will work to build bigger biceps that others will definitely envy.

5 Tips For Bigger Biceps

When it comes to building bigger biceps, following advice and working with key tips can work wonders for you. By knowing what to do and how to properly structure everything in terms of your workouts, you will work to build better gains if you know exactly what to do. These tips can be useful for they are essentially hacks to seeing better gains. You don’t have to go too far out of your way to make these changes and the results will be noticeable.

With just these 5 tips, you will better tackle all those lifting wants and needs so you see those massive arms you want most. Let’s jump into these key tips so you can better prepare and structure any workout that comes your way. Plus, you will build bigger arms that others will most certainly envy.

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1. Start With Isolation Exercises

Most people prefer starting their workouts with compound movements, like the barbell curls. They usually start their workouts with free weights because they can lift heavier weights as they aren’t fatigued. Compound exercises work well for a host of benefits including weight loss and inter-muscular coordination, as well as overall strength. And while these are good, when it comes to building bigger biceps, isolation exercises are much better.

Starting with isolation exercises is a great way of pre-exhausting your muscles. Once you’ve exhausted your muscle fibers at the beginning of the workout, you’ll be able to get better muscle pumps without having to lift heavy which can reduce your chances of an injury. Isolation exercises also help fix any muscle imbalances that throw your physique out of whack. By allowing for specific isolation of that muscle, you work to target growth in that one respective spot so you see the best gains possible. With something like your biceps, which really encompasses working just that one muscle, isolation exercises are the way to go.

2. Twist Your Wrists Outwards To Focus On The Peak

As we said at the beginning of the article, making small adjustments can take your guns to the next level. While performing dumbbell lifts, instead of having supinated palms (wrists facing you flatly), rotate your wrists slightly outwards so that your little finger is closer to your shoulder than your index finger.

The rest of the curling movement will remain the same apart from the minor twisting adjustment at the contraction point. The outward turning of the palms will put more tension on the peaks of your biceps. More tension will increase resistance and better work your muscles so they have to grow. As said before, these minor tweaks don’t make you go out of your way and can greatly benefit your gains.

3. You Need Volume AND Intensity

Many people get into the hopeless debate of whether they should do isolation or compound movements for building size or conditioning and if they should be performing a higher or lower number of reps. It makes sense but this debate shouldn’t hold you up from seeing great gains. Both volume and intensity are needed to see amazing gains and by combining them you will absolutely have no choice but to see that growth in your biceps.

Building your pythons needs an all-round approach, and it’s not a simple question of either this or that. You need to be constantly shocking your muscles by varying the volume and intensity (1). A great isolation exercise matched with volume and intensity will take your gains to the next level and allow you to see the best gains. Increasing your sets and reps shouldn’t feel daunting, but in fact, quite the opposite. Once you start your workout, you will love the burn you get and will only want more.

4. Divide Your Bicep Training Into Parts

Biceps are called that for a reason. The biceps are made up of two major muscles, and yet many people don’t design their training around training each head of the bicep separately. For defined and striated guns, change your pattern of movement while performing the dumbbell exercises. This takes isolation to a whole new level because instead of just focusing on your biceps as a whole, you are going out of your way to see huge gains in each respective biceps muscle.

For example, while doing the dumbbell hammer curls, keep your elbows planted to your sides and point your lower hands away from your body to target the inner head of your bicep. To train the outer head, follow a range of motion where the dumbbell will be in front of your torso at the top of the movement. This way you can stay with the same exercise only with slight adjustments, which, at the end of the day, will be a prime way to stay consistent with your workouts and still see huge gains.

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5. Do Banded Work

Using resistance bands can be an incredibly effective way of gaining muscle mass and conditioning in your pythons. The bands are effective because they give you a different amount of resistance depending on where you are in the range of motion (2). Plus, resistance bands help build mind muscle connection and are convenient and versatile equipment to take with you wherever you want to go. Often times we focus on free weights because we think these will give us the best growth. While its true they will offer great gains, resistance bands should not be neglected and adding them to your routine can only elevate those gains.

Your guns will be under the least amount of resistance at the resting position as the bands will be retracted. As you perform a curl, the bands will start adding resistance to your arms and the highest resistance will be experienced at the top of the movement. The nice part about resistance bands is that you can find quality products that offer a wide range of resistance so you can change weight in and out depending on your goals.

Wrap Up

We all love to work our biceps and following the right tips can better prepare us for seeing the gains we want most. While you don’t need to change your workouts completely, knowing what to do and how best to do it can be a game changer when it comes to see real growth. With just 5 tips, you can tackle everything you want to and then some without taking time away or adding to much time to those valuable workouts. Give these tips a try and watch those biceps grow, for your physique will reap the benefits and others will most certainly envy your hard work.

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