How To Put Together The Ultimate Workout Plan For You

training plan

Putting together a workout plan can be hard, but knowing what you want out of it is just half the battle.

We all know we need a good training routine to give us the best for our gains and putting together the ultimate workout plan for you will be huge. By taking the time to plan out your own workout, you will begin to see that you do have the ability to form a solid training plan to see big gains. By choosing the exercises you want and fitting it into your schedule, it will be much easier to go through your day while still having time for other things you love.

Let’s take a look at how to form the ultimate training plan so you see those gains you want most. With a little research and the proper tools to start, you will be well on your way to forming a great plan with the results you want most.

training plan

Your Workout Plan Options

When it comes to choosing between how to plan your workout, you do have some options.

1. Hire A Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer can work wonders for your gains as they know exactly what to do. They’ve done it all before and have seen results with past clients, plus it gives you someone to be accountable to and who you can ask questions to. This option can get expensive though.

2. Look To Professionals & Athletes

Looking to those professionals and athletes that you admire can also prove to be worthwhile for your gains. They are living proof of what can happen when you put your mind to it and have already structured out great workout routines that have worked for them. From past bodybuilders like Frank Zane, to actors like Kumail Nanjiani, or fitness models like Michelle Lewin, they know exactly what you need to do to thrive inside and out of the gym. This option does limit you to the exercises that they want to do which you may not enjoy.

3. Make A Plan Yourself

This option may seem challenging and incredibly daunting, but it is possible and can make you feel fulfilled in the end knowing you’ve personalized a workout just for you. Saving money and only performing the exercises you love can be great, especially when it comes to boosting your gains in an enjoyable way. Knowing exactly what you want out of a routine will prove to be worthwhile as you seek that massive and shredded physique.

training plan

How To Build The Ultimate Workout Plan

Following these steps will allow you to form a great workout plan so you thrive inside and out of the gym.

  • Know Your Goals

When looking to make a training plan, knowing your goals is key. What you want out of your training will be a deciding factor on how you structure it. For those looking to lose weight and tone, that requires a certain type of exercise, as well as volume and intensity. Those looking to bulk will look to other exercises for that. You can also get niche about what you want, whether that be endurance-based or something more along the lines of power and total output (1).

  • Manage Your Schedule Overall

We live busy lives and being able to manage our schedules effectively will ensure we get the most out of all our time. Finding a window in your day to work out will tell you how long you have, which may affect what exercises you include and how many sets and reps as well.

  • Choose Those Exercises You Enjoy Most

The beauty about making your own plan is you get to choose the exercises you want to perform. If you don’t like a particular exercise, but you know you need to work that muscle or set of muscles, then look for variations that you will enjoy that can still get the job done.

  • Look Into Volume & Frequency

This is important for you will know what your body needs. If you want higher reps and lower sets, you can program that in. For those looking for lower reps and more of a max capacity lift, that is another option to look into (2).

  • Have Back-Ups To Vary Your Routine

You always want to give your muscles some confusion so they are constantly growing and your gains don’t plateau. Having some back-up exercises will add variety so you avoid that dreaded training plateau and always see the growth you want most.

training plan

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Wrap Up

Putting together a training plan can be hard, but it is absolutely possible and will prove to be worthwhile in the long run. By saving money and working on inputting what you want, you are well on your way to seeing the gains you want most. Don’t neglect a good training routine and don’t forget that you have the power to control what you want so you see those massive gains take place for a shredded physique others will envy.

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