Best Shaker Bottle Packs For Hydration & Convenience (Updated 2021)

Save money and add convenience to your workouts with these great shaker bottle packs.

Shaker bottles are popular and amazing ways to pump your body full of those much-needed nutrients right after a workout to totally maximize your benefit, but shaker bottle packs ensure you never get stuck without a bottle. For those who feel they need that protein supplement, or post-workout recovery supplement right away, shaker bottles can ensure everything you need to grab-and-go. With great designs and an easy to use mixing ball, shaker bottles offer the flexibility to bring your drink wherever you go with easy blending capabilities to provide for no mess and no clean up.

For those looking to save even more money and time, shaker bottle packs are the way to go. Basically buying in bulk, once you find a shaker bottle you like, or even one you think you like, try the shaker bottle pack and never have to worry about just one bottle again. Too often do we use the shaker bottle, forget to clean it, and realize the next morning on our way out the door that we have to wash it. With these shaker bottle packs, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

We’ve put together a list of the Best Shaker Bottle Packs for 2021 so you can get the best deals possible on shaker bottles for all your needs. The right deal can ensure you have a bottle for your house, the gym, and wherever you need to maximize hydration and supplementation.

Best Shaker Bottle Packs For 2021

Best Overall Shaker Bottle Pack

The best shaker pack will include high-quality and durable bottles at an affordable price with great features so you never have to worry about finding a shaker bottle again.

Hydra Cup Dual Threat Shaker Bottles (4 Pack)

Hydra Cup offers a great two-in-one shaker bottle for all of your pre- and post-workout needs. Holding 36 ounces total, two shaker cups hold 14 ounces on one side and 22 ounces on the other for a great dual use bottle. The plastic grid that comes with every shaker bottle is great for mixing and will eliminate clumping and the spill proof lid makes sure all of those vital nutrients don’t spill all over the floor. With three shaker bottles per pack, you can be sure all of your gym needs are met from start to finish.

Hydra Cup Dual Threat Shaker Bottles offers a two-in-one shaker bottle with 36 ounces of total liquid to hold all your beverage and supplement needs.


  • Two storage compartments is a huge plus for your pre-workout and post-workout supplements
  • The price is good for a quality shaker pack


  • The seal is not as tight as it could be, and with two lids, that could be a problem
  • The openings are a bit small for powder to fit through effectively

Price: $26.99

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Best Shaker Bottle Pack For The Gym

The gym is the prime time to use a shaker bottle and having the right bottles can greatly influence gains by allowing you to bring any supplementation to and from the gym.

Utopia Shaker Bottle Pack (2 Pack)

Utopia provides a solid shaker for your gym needs. With a twist and lock protein box, this bottle will hold your protein, post-workout, or other supplement powder separate from the liquid with an easy to pour-in function for after you’re done. With the ability to hold 24-ounces with a leak-proof seal flip cap and secure screw on lid, this is perfect for carrying around in the gym or outside of it. Included with each is an inbuilt filter that filters out large chunks to avoid clumping and a whisk mixer ball to keep your shake smooth. With one black bottle and one clear bottle, this shaker pack of two is great for all of your gym needs.

Utopia Shaker Bottle Pack offers great bottles to hold 24 ounces of liquid with a twist and lock protein block to hold any supplements.


  • The twist and lock protein box is a great feature
  • The built-in filter makes for easy mixing with no clumping
  • Two of these for the price is also a good deal


  • It does have a lot of parts to clean
  • It doesn’t mix as well as one would think for all the moving parts

Price: $12.99

Best Shaker Bottle Pack For Easy Use

You want shaker bottles that are easy to use and having more than one can provide for the best convenience and really make your workouts and everyday life as easy as possible.

Hoople Protein Shaker Bottle Pack (4 Pack)

Hoople offers an easy-to-use, 24-ounce bottle for all of your gym and nutritional needs. With an auto flip lid, you can operate this with one hand for easy use and carrying capabilities. With a lightweight shaker ball included, it offers powerful mixing to avoid sticking and clumping for a perfect blend each time. Its leak proof design makes this great for on-the-go use without the hassle of clean up to ensure you get all your nutrient needs. This random color pack of 4 will make your life easy and your goals attainable.

Hoople Protein Shaker Bottle Pack offers great 24-ounce bottles with a leak proof design and hassle-free clean up for all your needs.


  • Lightweight and able to hold a solid amount of liquid, the auto-flip lid is great for easy use
  • Four in a pack for this price is a good deal


  • It does tend to leak more than advertised so be aware of when you use this so as to not ruin your work clothes if you take it on the go

Price: $27.99

Best Designed Shaker Bottle Pack

A shaker bottle with the right design is exactly what you need and this includes the lid, the shape for comfort and fit, and storage compartments for easy supplement storing.

KITCHENIE Shaker Bottle Pack (6 Pack)

KITCHENIE brings consumers a premium quality shaker great for protein shakes with any desired liquid from coffee, water, milk, or smoothies. Made from high-quality plastic and BPA free, this bottle has a leak-proof lid and flip cap with a stainless steel shaker ball for quality mixing. The design is awesome for holding not just one, but two twist-on cups for easy storage of powders or capsules. It even has a capsule organizer. This ensures you bring all of your supplements to the gym or wherever you go with one convenient place for storage. This pack of 6 comes in six colors (red, black, blue, purple, white, and green) and holds up to 20-ounces.

KITCHENIE Shaker Bottle Packs offer quality shakers with a great design with two twist on cups for the best storage possible.


  • Two compartments is awesome for holding whatever your desired supplements are
  • The stainless steel ball is great for mixing
  • For the amount in this pack and the price, it is hard to beat


  • It can be tough to clean with so many parts, especially in the lid where powder can get stuck

Price: $26.99

Best Portable Shaker Bottle Pack

A portable shaker bottle is something to not take for granted because for those of us who take these everywhere, we want a shaker bottle that will fit wherever so we can maximize our gains whenever.

BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle Pack (3 Pack)

BluePeak offers a great portable shaker with this 3-pack. With the ability to hold up to 20-ounces, it is small in size and perfect for holding all of your nutrition needs without taking up all your space. BPA-free and dishwasher safe, it is durable and safe with a leak and spill proof guarantee. Included are a shaker ball and mixing grid so you have the option to choose which mixing technology you want to use. With three colors (black, yellow, and pink) and 20 fluid ounces of capacity, this shaker bottle is a great portable option.

BluePeak Protein Shaker Bottle Pack provides smaller shaker bottles for convenience and durability while optimizing mixing technology with a shaker ball and mixing grid.


  • Very portable, this bottle holds a nice amount of liquid given its shorter size
  • Having the grid and shaker ball offers nice diversity in blending capability


  • The grid is not the best at breaking powder up
  • The lid doesn’t have the best range of motion in terms of sipping ability

Price: $17.99

Benefits Of Shaker Bottles

Shaker bottles are great tools to ensure we stay properly hydrated and get the most when it comes to our gains. Shaker bottle packs can give us the ability to own more than one shaker bottle by getting a great deal. This way we can spread out our bottles so we have one wherever and whenever we need them. Benefits of shaker bottles, and shaker bottle packs, include:

  • Convenient way to get nutrients: A shaker bottle can be an easy and efficient way to get all those nutrients from supplements whether that be a protein powderpre-workoutintra-workout BCAA, or something else.
  • Easily hold desired beverage: These can hold whatever beverage with ease and travel can also be simple.
  • Extra space for storage: Some bottles have storage compartments to make storing easy for powders, pills, or other supplements and snacks.
  • No excuse for dehydration: With a quality shaker and easy access to your desired beverage, there is no excuse to not be hydrated before, during, and after your workouts.

How We Choose

For this list of the best shaker bottle packs, we first look at the durability and quality and the shaker bottles. You deserve to have shaker bottles that can withstand constant abuse of travel and the wear and tear that bottles face. We then look at how many bottles come in the pack. Obviously the more the better, but the price also has to be right. Along with this, we consider the additional features associated with each bottle and what the shaker bottles can offer on top of just holding your desired beverage. Finally, we look at price. Fitness equipment can get expensive but with the right approach, it doesn’t have to be.

FAQ Section

What is the best shaker bottle pack?

Hydra Cup offers a great two-in-one shaker bottle for all of your pre- and post-workout needs. Holding 36 ounces total, two shaker cups hold 14 ounces on one side and 22 ounces on the other for a great dual use bottle.

What exactly can my shaker bottle do?

Shaker bottles are most commonly associated with a protein shake after a workout to pump you with valuable protein for growth and recovery. But these bottles can hold water, or other beverages like an intra-workout BCAA for those mid-workout needs.

Is buying an entire pack necessary?

This is a preference but what buying a pack can do is give you more than one bottle that you can spread around so you always have one nearby. This means you can keep one at the gym, in your bag, at your home, or wherever else you need a bottle to maximize all your gains.

Wrap Up

Shaker bottles have risen in popularity as more and more people realize the benefit to not only working out, but also proper nutrition and supplementation. Easy-to-use and very convenient options for athletes and gym-goers alike, shaker bottles can provide for immediate access to vital nutrients as well as continued hydration throughout the day. These shaker bottle packs will make your life easier, more affordable, and add convenience so you can have access to a shaker bottle wherever you go.

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