Hydra Cup High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle Review

This shaker bottle is a dual threat and can elevate all areas of your workouts to new heights.

Product Overview

As more and more people start seeing their health and fitness needs as more of a lifestyle than a hobby, shaker bottles have grown exponentially in popularity. For people looking to pump themselves full of a good pre-workout supplement to boost their energy and muscle pump, hydrate with a chosen supplement, water, or electrolytes for that mid-workout pick-me-up, or recover with a great whey protein supplement or post-workout product, Hydra Cup High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle is an easy and affordable grab-and-go option for whatever your reason may be.

The convenience and ease of shaker bottles for athletes, bodybuilders, strongmen, or just everyday gym-goers has seen a spike in the health of those staying active. More and more companies seek to produce the best quality product in terms of design, technology, mixing ability, and affordability, and in the end, that only benefits consumers. Whether you buy in a shaker bottle pack, or as an individual product, shaker bottles will seek to give you all those vital nutrients so you will be caught up on all of your nutrition, hydration, and supplementation needs.

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Based out of California, Hydra Cup works to provide a durable and efficient product to all their consumers. They have patented the dual shaker and if others are out there, they have either partnered with them or it is a knockoff item and Hydra Cup seeks to only produce the best quality dual shakers for the best benefits to their buyers.

Key Details Of A Good Shaker Bottle:

  • Portability: A convenient size so you are not stuck with a large jug in the gym.
  • Durability: Long-lasting and able to handle some wear and tear.
  • Mixing ability: Avoid clumping and ensure a smooth consistency to your shake.
  • Affordability: Don’t break the bank because the best of both worlds is out there.
  • Design: Innovative ways to provide great benefits to your shaker bottle including storage compartments, electric capabilities, or a two-in-one option.

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Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle Highlights

Hydra Cup High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle offers the ability to carry your pre- and post-workout supplement all in one bottle to advance growth and performance (1). Their two-in-one design is something to marvel at for its convenience and ease in making life more simple for athletes and gym-goers. Holding up to 36 ounces total, this replacement for both your individual shaker bottle and water bottle can hold up to 14 ounces on one side and 22 ounces on the other.

With two snap on lids, consisting of a rubber gasket seal inside, it ensures no leaks and twist lids, which can warp or bend over time. Its rounded design works to avoid clumping and makes mixing much easier as powder will not stick to the bottom. With dual mixing grids underneath the lid, you will not have to worry about a separate mixing tool allowing for relatively easy clean-up and good mixing capabilities. Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle is an advanced, patented design to help elevate your workouts to the next level with convenience and ease.

Product Details

Two-In-One Design

The two-in-one design is a really great feature that is unique to this bottle. Having the ability to load one side with a pre-workout and the other with a post-workout, or even one side with a supplement and the other with just water, will really promote overall growth and hydration with convenience and ease. With one side at 22 ounces and the other holding 14 ounces, it provides the right amount of volume without totally overdoing it. By adding 8 ounces to one side, it allows for better mixing of thicker powders, the opportunity to add an extra scoop, or just to offer more hydration to improve overall performance (2). If you wanted to, one side could hold your liquid and the other could even serve as storage for your phone, wallet and charger eliminating the locker room.

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Dual Mixing Grids

The dual mixing grids sit underneath the lid and eliminate the needs for a loose mixing ball or other mixing tool. Instead of listening to a steel ball bounce around inside, or have to worry about finding it after clean-up, the mixing grids sit easy on top and provides for your overall convenience. They can pop right out to help the cleaning process as well.

Dual Flip Caps

The dual flip caps work well since they face the opposite way. One will never be in the way of the other avoiding unwanted annoyance when it comes to actually drinking. The re-designed flip caps snap on tight and are tested for quality control when it comes to leaking. Each cap also designates which side is the 22 ounces and which one is 14 ounces for zero confusion.

Price & Effectiveness

Hydra Cup High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle costs $12.99 for a 36oz bottle. With four colors in blue, clear, red, and pink, this offers fun colors to choose from.

Check out the Hydra Cup Dual Shake Bottle Pack here.

Pros: The two-in-one design makes getting all of your nutrition and hydration needs easy and convenient. With 36 ounces total volume, that is more than enough space to pack your bottle full of everything you want. A great price for a patented, durable, and advanced shaker bottle.

Cons: The quality of the lid is weak and can break rather easily or have slight leaking. Clean-up and keeping track of your bottle can be challenging with so many parts. One side may leak into the other contaminating the two supplements.

Big Ramy

Hydra Cup Athlete

Big Ramy is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder who is a Hydra Cup athlete working to not only elevate his performance inside and out of the gym, but also to promote this product so consumers can be comfortable knowing it comes from a reputable source. Big Ramy earned his pro card in 2012 after winning the title at Amateur Olympia in Kuwait City and made his pro debut a year later at New York Pro. He has competed in events like Mr. Olympia, the Arnold Classic, and a host of others all over the world. Both Big Ramy and Hydra Cup work to bring the best quality products to the table to ensure everyone can boost athletic performance and overall growth.

Overall Value

Hydra Cup High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle is a great shaker bottle for all of your gym and daily needs. With an advanced two-in-one design, you can load this bottle up with all of your favorite supplements and liquids to ensure proper nutrition and hydration. With great features like the dual mixing grids, dual flip caps, and rounded design, this bottle will provide for a smooth consistency for your shakes and give you all those great benefits. What you are really getting is an innovative shaker bottle at a great price from a reputable company that will support all of your fitness and health needs. Check out Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle and see your gains reach new heights.

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